Who Am I? 

I have completed my high school education. Who am I? I was previously defined by the activities and sports I was involved in during high school, and now I’m just kind of…there. As I lay in bed thinking to myself, I can’t help but to wonder, who will I be in college? Who will I be for the rest of my life?

Though I don’t know the answer to this question and probably won’t for a long time, I decided to sum up who I was in high school and what I hope stays the same and what I hope changes during my college carreer.

Cross Country- I ran cross country all four years of high school, and I even did two years in middle school. Though I am not continuing this sport in college, I have learned so much. My team consisted of around 150 people and I have become close with a lot of them over the years. They are the people who have been there through my worst moments and my proudest moments. I spent every morning in the summer with them, every day in the fall, and every Saturday morning for a race. I learned the importance of teamwork and doing what’s best for everyone. I’ve learned about hard work and pushing through even if you feel like you can’t possibly take another step. I’ve learned that the little things do count, and I’ve learned that if you put in the work, you will “get paid.”

Track and Field- Every year I ran cross country, I also ran track in the winter/spring. Yes, running was a full time sport for me. Though in track my event wasn’t long distance, it was hurdles. I met an entirely new group of people. We ended up calling ourselves the “hurdle squad” and we had the best time! I, once again, was pounded with the pressure of helping the team. I learned that a lot of hard work and a positive mindset can really go far. I ended up being 4th in our conference and 13th in the district, which was such a fantastic accomplishment for me!

Girl Scouts– I have been involved in Girl Scouts since I was 5 years old. I’ve made some of my best friends during these 13 years. When people think of Girl Scouts they usually think of goody-goodies, who are cool with bugs and nature, and cookies. Though most people would probably consider me a “goody-goody” I am still nowhere near being cool with spiders and other creepy insects. I am very cool with cookies though. We had a blast trying new things and helping out the community. Of course when we got older and became involved in new things it was difficult to get together often, but we had an amazing leader who scheduled meetings every month or two and we did things whenever we were able to. All 7 of us bridged to Adult Girl Scouts this past week and I couldn’t be more proud of us!

Peer Listening– I applied for a class entitled Peer Listening for my senior year. I filled out an extensive application and was interviewed. I fortunately got a spot in the class! I was able to learn so much. The class involves getting 40 hours of community service, going to the middle schools one a month to teach them about good character, being a mentor to a freshman and talking with them during lunch once a week, talking to anyone who is referred to a peer listener, and spreading awareness throughout the school about problems affecting teens. Basically, if you think about what a school counselor does, our class is similar minus the college degree. We do get trained in active listening and how to deal with crisis such as eating disorders, self harm, grief, and many others. A lot of times people are referred because they are having a tough time fitting in or their teachers feel that they are having an outside issue affecting their grades. Sometimes people are more comfortable talking to someone their own age about their problems rather than an adult. I had such a fun time in this class and learned so much about personalities and how people experience things differently and have different outlooks on things. I also learned quite a bit about myself in the process!

Irish Dance- I Irish Danced for probably about 12 and a half years. As I started to get more into track and cross country, going to dance class began to be more of a struggle for me. I was tired and had a hard time keeping up with school. I hate giving up on things, but I eventually told myself that school comes first, running second, and dance third. As school and college preparation took up more and more of my senior year it became more and more difficult to keep up with dance. Eventually I felt like a burden to the class and I didn’t enjoy that feeling at all. I performed my last show and then decided that I could help out backstage during shows, but I wouldn’t be able to perform. I’ve helped them at 3 shows so far and though it’s hard to watch everyone on stage without me, I know I made the right decision. I’ve made so many memories with Irish Dance and I will never forget the great times I’ve had on stage with my friends.

I hope that I can continue being open-minded during college. I really think my ability to empathize and provide others with an understanding will help me create genuine and honest relationships with other people. I hope that I can continue helping the community and get involved. Though I am not continuing running for a team in college, I am planning on running to exercise and relieve stress. I also can’t wait to meet new people with different backgrounds. I’ve lived in the same city for my whole life and it will definitely be refreshing to encounter something new.

I hope that I can become more confident in myself and less reliant on others. I’m very independent with my emotions and feelings, but I tend to be very anxious and uncomfortable when trying new things even if I want to do it. College is going to be full of new things and people, so I’m hoping I will be able to adjust! I’m hoping to find who I truly am even more and change someone’s life.

I know with support, I’ll be able to achieve anything!