High School Graduation

5/30/15- Today I graduated high school. I’ve never had so many mixed feelings in my entire life. Excitement, relief, nervousness, fear, sadness, and a little bit of ‘where did the time go?!’ It feels like yesterday I was getting on the bus for the first time to go to my first day of kindergarten. I wore a pink and gray striped dress and had the biggest smile on my face when I saw the bus pull up by my house. When I entered middle school, it was close enough to walk so I didn’t ride a bus and I haven’t since unless it was an athletic function. I grew to despise school buses, but sitting at graduation I realized I’m going to miss that excitement for the bus I had as a kid. I’m going to miss walking to school in the blistering cold. I’m going to miss awkward school dances. I’m going to miss all  the kids I’ve been going to school with since kindergarten. 

Yesterday I was so thankful I was finally graduating. I wanted nothing to do with my high school ever again. Too much drama, too much homework, too much boredom. I craved for something new and something more. But while I was sitting at graduation and waiting for my name to be called, I thought to myself, “I’m never going to see these people again.” I looked around and saw so many fimiliar faces. Sometimes I only knew a name, sometimes I only recognized a face. There were so many people though that I did have some sort of memory of, whether it be that they listened to their music too loud, or that they got a A on a test I completely bombed, or that they made sarcastic comments in the back of the room while the teacher was talking. Whatever it was, I remembered it, I had a memory. I wonder if I’ll have the same memory when I look through my yearbooks in 20 years or so. I’d like to think that I will, but who knows? This is only a chapter in my life out of a novel, I can’t possibly remember every word. I got really emotional thinking about it, and I thought I would be in and out just fine without the waterworks. Just knowing that these people have been there for me in my athletics, and in my classes, and for group projects, and for school dances made me miss them already. They’ve been there through it all and now it’s time to completely start over on a blank page. College is new and different and quite frankly, extremely scary for someone like me. I get very anxious trying new things because I like the comfort of my past experiences. Unfortunately, I’ll have to let that go if I want to succeed in college. I’m currently working on it with the help of my close friends and family. I know I will achieve great things in my future and I’m really looking forward to it. Today I achieved a milestone, and I couldn’t be more proud of myself and all of my classmates of the class of 2015! 

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