Okay, so this all started out as sort of a joke right? Me and my friend are probably some of the most “goody-goody” people you will ever meet. We are both going to the same college in the fall and it’s considered a pretty big party school. We were talking about how afraid we were to go to parties and drink and stuff. I thought long and hard and said “I probably will end up drinking in college, just to try it.” And my friend agreed. I said that I kinda wanted to try it before college so that I don’t embarrass myself at a college party. One text message to my boyfriend about the conversation, and he says, “I can get you some alcohol if you want, we can do it together.” My parents weren’t home, and I really did want to try it just to see. Nothing major happened, I just got a bit tipsy and it was a really fun time! 

BUT FAST FORWARD TO LAST NIGHT. So one of my friends is living by herself this summer so my friend who wanted to try alcohol asked if we could stay the night. My boyfriend brought the stash he got from his friend (for free I may add…) and we drank. But for some unknown reason I didn’t stop when I should have, and neither did my boyfriend. We couldn’t even sit without falling over. It was bad, but extremely funny to us at the time. 

At one point the house owner’s cat started running and I lost it at this point, I thought it was the funniest thing in the world. It wasn’t even funny at all, but I was crying because I was laughing so hard. 

Eventually all the good feelings went away and my stomach started feeling sick. I needed to throw up, bad. I threw up multiple times. The world was spinning. I felt like I was upside down even when my eyes were closed. My boyfriend came in to check on me and we ended up taking turns throwing up and as romantic as that sounds, it was comforting knowing that he was there for me. We talked about how dumb we were and how terrible we felt and how sorry we were. We also made fun of ourselves for being lightweights and how we woul make awful pirates. 

We eventually felt better and went to sleep. I woke up feeling pretty fantastic, just tired. No hangover symptoms somehow?? But about an hour after awakening, my stomach started to kill me again. I drank lots of water and now I’m getting some rest. I feel a lot better, but I’m still just in shock over what happened. Wow. If you asked me a week ago what I would be doing right now. THIS WOULD NOT HAVE CROSSED MY MIND. 

I realize this is a dumb post, but I really needed to share. You can surely yell at me and call me out for my stupidity. Trust me, I’m aware. All of us did decide to take a long break from drinking. And even though the experience was pretty terrible, I’m glad it happened. Now I won’t be that girl who embarrasses herself at college parties because I am more aware of my limits, and I don’t even like alcohol!!! 

Also, I am in no way condoning underage drinking, or saying you should drink before college. It was just something I felt like I should do in a safe environment with people I care about. It was a personal choice and I deserve everything that happened as a result!! 

If you do decide to drink, please stay safe! 




  1. I really enjoyed your story and how outgoing you were about it. It’s not bad i just really like how you were keeping it real, i like people wo are real.

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  2. Thanks! I do try to keep things as real as I can, after all, this is my life and it’s the only one I’ll have. I’d rather be myself and do what makes me happy! I’m glad you enjoyed the story! haha 🙂

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  3. I think that was a good experience for you too because it will just be a good funny memory in the future! I love how honest and down to earth your blog is we are trying to do the same on ours! keep doing you!
    – Abbey

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