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So I’m starting the ‘Girl Talk’ section of my blog with a topic that’s been pretty all over the place lately. I was reading My Teenage Madness‘s blog, and she brought up many great points on the subject, which led me to want to write about this even more! I just thought I’d get my own thoughts in there and hopefully you guys share your own ideas. This post is fairly lengthy, so hold on…

Women are constantly changing the makeup trends as they are the clothing trends. What also seems to be changing is the attitude towards makeup in general.

I’m sure we are aware of the term “slut-shaming.” Well, this recent craze has been similar to that, but with makeup.

Makeup Shaming. 

In my book, there are two rules.

1. Don’t make people feel bad for not wearing makeup.

2. Don’t make people feel bad for wearing makeup.

It’s not hard, really, but on social media I constantly see hateful comments. Whether the individual is or isn’t wearing makeup. It seems like nothing us women do is ever fully acceptable. When someone isn’t wearing makeup we (‘we’ meaning society) bring them down for being ‘ugly’ or tell them that they should cover their marks, acne, scars, dark spots, and practically everything imperfect about themselves so that they are more pleasing for us to look at. On the other hand, when an individual is wearing makeup, we bring them down for being fake, not natural, wearing too muck makeup, being a slut, and all sorts of degrading things that make no sense half the time. Really though, since when does wearing makeup make someone a slut?

Personally, I don’t wear very much makeup generally, but some days I feel like wearing more than others. That’s my personal choice. It doesn’t affect other people, it’s for me and only me. I have friends that wear no makeup at all, I have friends that wear some, and I have friends that wear a lot. Does this bother me? Not in the least. Does this affect their beauty to me? No. They are my friends and I love them whether they choose to wear makeup or not. I just really don’t understand the big deal here. Why can’t we let people do what they have the freedom to do? 

People wear makeup for themselves. Sure, sometimes I’ll wear a little extra makeup if I’m going out somewhere nice with a group of people I want to impress. I’m sure a lot of you have done the same. It’s not bad to get dolled up for a date or an outing. Even if it’s just a family thing, that’s perfectly normal. I think the problem here is that it’s a common misconception that the individual getting dressed up for an event is doing so for the other person or people. It’s usually not. Even I was blind to this entire concept for a very long time. I had a crush sophomore year in high school and every time I knew I would be seeing him I would put on a little extra makeup to impress him. I thought I was putting on makeup for him, but then I really thought about it. I wasn’t putting on makeup for him. I was putting on makeup for me to make me feel better about myself in front of him. I knew that if I felt better about myself that he would most likely be more attracted to me. It’s hard to believe that someone else likes you, when you don’t fully like you. Some of you may disagree, but I truly believe that makeup is something you do for yourself.

A lot of times I see guys posting things about how beautiful their girlfriends are without makeup or how much they love their girlfriend’s natural face. That’s great, it really is! But let’s think about the girl here. What if she wants to wear makeup to feel more confident and better about herself? What if she just wants to make her fabulous cheek bones stand out a little more? The guy in this case shouldn’t be subconsciously denying her that freedom to use makeup as she chooses. Even though the guy most likely means well, they need to be aware of all aspects of the situation and the feelings involved. Girls are beautiful with and without makeup. I just feel like when guys try so hard to flatter girls by saying that they like the ‘natural’ look, it can kinda put a girl through a rough patch. They love the makeup, their boyfriend doesn’t. Who should they choose? Their boyfriend’s opinion, or theirs? No girl should have to be put in that position.

Let’s also get rid of the assumption that only self-conscious girls wear makeup. THIS IS NOT TRUE. I know people who are extremely confident and just love doing their makeup! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to enhance your beauty. I also know really self-conscious people who just don’t care for makeup and don’t want to take the time out of their day to do it. And guess what? All of them are gorgeous! There is no right or wrong way to go. What we need to do is not judge people based on how much makeup they use.

So let’s go back to the makeup shaming I brought up earlier. Lately I’ve been seeing all these quotes such as:

“Makeup isn’t beauty”

“Nice guys think makeup is ugly”

“That’s not the real you”

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing women that they looked better with their makeup”

So yeah, it’s pretty annoying in my opinion. Who are you to tell anyone that they are less beautiful because of what they choose to do with makeup. Just because you may not like it, doesn’t mean that someone else won’t.

I hear things at school like “Oh, I don’t wear makeup. I don’t need to cover my insecurities because I’m proud of who I am and I wash my face every day so I have great skin and I love the natural look.” Ok. Congratulations.

1. No one actually looks up to you for not wearing makeup. Sure, that’s great! Especially if you’re becoming less insecure with yourself and are trying to change a negative image of yourself. I’ve been through the same thing. I went a week of school without wearing makeup and I felt amazing. It really helped me embrace who I was inside and out. I went back to wearing makeup though, why? Because I wanted to. That’s truly all. Not because I wanted to ‘cover’ myself. It was because I freaking wanted to and there is no better way to explain it. We don’t need to brag about not wearing makeup. I promise if you mention it like,”Oh, I don’t wear makeup actually!” You will get a much better response and you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. If you’re asked why, just tell them you don’t like the feeling, or that you don’t have time, or that you just don’t want to wear it. If you say that you don’t think you need it, you could subconsciously offend someone because they can take that as a, “I don’t need it, but you do.” Even if that isn’t what you were trying to say at all.

2. I wash my face everyday and I have awful skin!!

3. Wearing makeup isn’t just people covering their insecurities. Yes, if I have a breakout I want to cover it! That’s my personal choice. No one should have to cover themselves. If they have a breakout and don’t feel like they need to cover it up with makeup. More power to them. But I know people with clear skin who wear makeup just because they like it. They like the way it looks. They treat it as an art form and they love it! Who are we to deny someone something they enjoy. They aren’t necessarily trying to hide anything. They are just trying to enhance their natural beauty. There is nothing wrong with that.

So basically the point of this post is to just open everyone’s eyes. People who wear makeup are not better than people who don’t. People who don’t wear makeup are not better than people who do. It’s a simple concept, yet people feel the need to bring girls down no matter what their choice on makeup is. Help them feel confident about their choice. Let’s bring each other up, not down. Even if people think someone would look better with more or with less makeup, they have to realize that it’s their opinion. If the person is clearly happy with themselves and likes what they do the way they do it, how can someone be against that? How can someone not support that?

I also want to include this video which was a point of inspiration for this post. It’s called “YOU LOOK DISGUSTING” and has recently gone viral. It really opened my eyes. I highly suggest if you liked this blog post that you watch it.

So I hope I got everything across in a good manner. This was a bit hard for me to write because I got so heated! I didn’t want to come across as too angry. It’s just something that bothers me a lot (obviously…), but I hope that I didn’t offend anyone or make myself seem really rude. I would love to hear opinions from you guys on this subject. I’m really open to comments that agree or disagree. I don’t mind people who disagree as long as they are respectful. I’ll surely be respectful back. I’m an open-minded individual who isn’t naive and thinks that no one will disagree with me ever.

So feel free to add to this rant, comment personal experiences, anything! I’d love to read what you all have to say.

One last thing, if you haven’t read my previous post, this is a new section I’m starting entitled ‘Girl Talk’ where I want to discuss ‘girl’ topics, maybe answer some questions people have or anything you guys want really! This particular post turned into somewhat of a rant, but I promise they won’t all be like that! Though I do like rants… I want this to be a place of no judgement and for girls to say/ask what’s on their minds. I want this place to be a good one where you can be yourself and people will love you for it! I have a few more topics in mind, but if you have an idea for something I can discuss or answer please request it!

I created an email, so feel free to email me questions/requests/topics for the next one. I’d love to hear from you all!


P.S. You guys are all so beautiful and amazing you don’t even know.


8 thoughts on “Girl Talk: Makeup

  1. Just from my experience, I have awful skin and I’m not afraid to let anyone know that. Everyone is different in their own way–especially skin types. I’m not going to say that I dont hate my skin at times and try everything I can to change it, because I do. But I don’t think anyone should feel ashamed with the skin they have. Makeup doesn’t change the person internally. So I believe that If you want to wear makeup, go for it. But I, at least, will still like you for you, not your makeup.

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  2. I have pretty awful skin as well, so I totally understand! I have days where I don’t mind it as much, but some days I just don’t want anything to with it. Overall, I’ve gotten a lot better with it though! I’m not embarrassed to admit I have scars on my face.
    I agree with everything you’re saying. The Inside is what matters! Thanks so much for sharing, you are amazing and don’t forget it!

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  3. First of all, I liked the “girl Talk” section idea! I’ll be looking forward to discussing things! 🙂
    Second I completely agree with you, if you want or don’t want to wear makeup is completely up to you. I think wearing makeup is like wearing nice clothes that fit your body, you look more beautiful in your own eyes, and feel confident that people will notice your beauty too. That doesn’t mean sometimes you won’t go out in sweat pants. Just like makeup. Recently I have grown a love for it, I didn’t wear a lot of makeup in the past, but recently I have been working on my self esteem and makeup is being REALLY helpful! I look at the mirror and highlight my already beautiful features and there is nothing wrong with that. When I feel like I’m getting a bit too attached to it, I choose to go out without it just to remind myself that it’s not the makeup that’s making me beautiful, I already am. and that’s it. The problem begins when a girl gets TOO attached to her makeup and feels completely insecure going out without it, that’s when it’s wrong. Otherwise every girl is free to go out completely natural or wear tons of makeup. That’s entirely up to her! 🙂

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  4. You made a really good point! That makes a lot of sense how it can be a bag thing if it’s used as a complete disguise of who the person is all the time. Being comfortable in the skin you’re in is definitely important!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

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  5. This is such a great series! I always find when I watch tutorials that most peoples idea of light makeup is my idea of full on formal dinner makeup! On top of that I can’t apply eyeliner Xx

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