Apparently I Can’t Open Doors…

So I went clothes shopping with my boyfriend the other day and we decided to go to an outdoor mall since it was a really nice and sunny day! We went to quite a few stores, but hadn’t purchased anything. We are both very hesitant shoppers, we like good deals and quality clothing. If we like something, but don’t absolutely LOVE it, we don’t buy it.

I had a gift card to Forever 21, so as you can imagine he was ecstatic to go through this store for the bazillionth time! (Not really, but he’s a good sport about it). It was a different (and bigger) location though, so I told him it would be more fun. I was looking for a few specific things, but wasn’t having any luck. I was getting extremely frustrated and Tyler was trying so hard to look for the things I wanted. In fact, I kept losing track of him because he kept running away saying that he saw something at the other side of the store and he needed to check it out. No matter how hard we looked, either there was nothing in my size, or there wasn’t anything that was perfect.

I found a few cute tank tops though that could work in the summer and under a jacket/cardigan/flannel in the fall or winter so I decided I might as well try them on!

So I tell the worker at the dressing room that I have 4 items to try on and she unlocks a changing room for me. I go in and the door shuts behind me. I look at it for a second. “Well that’s weird, there’s no doorknob,” I thought to myself.

Seriously, there was no doorknob. No visible lock, nothing. It was just a blank, solid door. I brushed it off though, it’s probably a ‘push’ door, right?

I try everything on and realize that I like all of the shirts except one. It fit funny on my body. I’m tall, but have a very petite frame so it’s hard to find clothes that fit me correctly. Sadly, it was my favorite of the items I picked out. It actually didn’t look terrible, but remember, if I don’t like it 100%, I don’t buy it.

I’m ready to put this one shirt back on the rack and purchase the other three. I push the door. Nothing. It didn’t even budge. I push again, this time harder. No result.

I start to panic a little, how do I open this door?

I text Tyler because I feel so awful that he has to wait out there by himself. I tell him I can’t open the door and he gives me at least 5 different ways to open the door. Nothing worked. I pushed, pulled, and shook it a little. How many ways are there to open a door?

I start to panic. I don’t want to crawl out from under the door. That’s embarrassing on so many levels. I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem. I wait for a few more minutes. I stand there, sweating like a pig. My heart is beating out of my chest. I’m feeling so anxious and claustrophobic that I know I can’t be in there much longer. I knock on the door. No one answers. I knock again. Nothing.

I want to say excuse me, but I can’t speak. I thought about asking for a different size in something, but I seriously can’t bring any words to my lips. I’m completely frozen.

Tyler said that he will ask the lady to help me, but I tell him not to. That’s even more embarrassing.

I push one last time. Nope. I grab the top of the door and pull with all my might. Click. The door opens.

I immediately feel so relieved. I practically throw the shirt I don’t want and run to Tyler. The employee asked me something, but I was too frazzled to hear her. I grabbed Tyler and went to a corner to cry.

I haven’t felt that anxious in a really long time and I was so scared and embarrassed. I still can’t believe something dumb like that happened, but hey, I’m alive! And now if I go back, I know how to get out of the dressing rooms.

Well now you guys know how my shopping experiences go!

On a positive note, I’m trying to interact a lot more on this website and follow more blogs! I think I’m doing pretty good! 🙂

Have a fantastic day/night! (Depending on your time zone)



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  1. Yeah I’m feeling much better! I’m so used to either a doorknob, or a curtain for the changing rooms so I was just very confused! I’m glad I didn’t have to embarrass myself too much, though it’s still probably weird that I was in there for 20 minutes xD

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