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I went to a MisterWives concert last night and I had such a good time that I thought I’d share my experience with you guys (with pictures)! I’ll bold specific parts so if you don’t want to read about pre-concert etc, you can skip it!


So I went with my boyfriend, my 2 cousins, and they each brought a friend/boyfriend. One of my cousins and her friend came early with me and Tyler. We got to the venue around 2:30pm. It was hosted in a bar-type venue and is also considered a “haunted” house in the area! At first, We were quite confused because there was no line and we had a feeling we were in the wrong spot (we aren’t from around there). We tried to open the door, but it was locked. We went around the whole building and there was no trace of anyone. We did see the MisterWives’ tour bus though! We probably looked like extreme stalkers to everyone that was walking by because we were looking in all the windows. Eventually we just sat down in front of the door and played cards. We figured that if we weren’t allowed, someone would yell at us.

No one showed up for about an hour. Three girls came and sat with us and we talked for a while! We were the only ones for about 2 hours after that, so we were a bit concerned as to how many people were actually attending the concert. We knew that there would at least be two more coming because my other cousin and her boyfriend were coming after band practice, so we were saving them a spot. People starting showing up about an hour before, so we weren’t going to be the only ones unfortunately.

The doors opened at 7 and since my group of 6 was in front, we got in quickly and smoothly. I’m not sure how the back of the line was. Basically, they put us in groups of around 10, and then shut and locked the door. So no one was running and being crazy! I think the fans were all pretty chill though, so there probably wouldn’t have been a huge problem anyway. They marked both of our hands with a huge X, and since it’s a bar we had to get underage wristbands.


(I apologize this was taken in my bathroom)

We went straight up to the stage. Dead center. No barrier. I could set my phone on the stage, so I didn’t have to hold it the whole time. AND we could touch the microphone stand.


We were pretty pumped about that!

Opening Acts

The first opening act was a band entitled Graceful Closure. I’d never heard them before, but they put on a good show and seemed like they were having a great time! The lead singer, Jared, leaned down after their performance and gave me a fist bump! The reason it was so funny to me is because he only gave me a fist bump, everyone else was sticking their fists up, but nope just me! 🙂

The second opening act was Handsome Ghost, which I know a bit more about. They are an Indie-Prom group which was different than a lot of the music I’ve heard live before and it was definitely refreshing to hear something different. The lead singer was so nice and was talking to me and my cousin before the show when we was on stage setting up. He was shaking, so you could tell he was a little nervous, but they performed fantastically!


So you could say I’m obsessed with Mandy Lee. When I saw her come on stage I about passed out. And of course she was standing literally right in front of me! I touched her shoes… no regrets. The whole band is so upbeat and talented, it’s impossible to not have a good time!


I also was a huge fan of the flowers on all of the microphones, the drum kit, and the keyboard.


During Coffins, Mandy sat right by me and sang to us. I have a great video of her looking into my camera and singing, but sadly I can’t attach them on here. She also looked into my camera for a really long time during Hurricane, which was amazing! I didn’t use my phone too much, so I think I just had really good timing. I’m glad when I did record they turned out well because I honestly was barely paying attention to my phone because I wanted to focus on what was going on. Of course I wanted to capture a few moments though!

I gave Etienne, who plays drums, a fist bump, and I gave Marc, the guitarist, a high-five. I touched Mike’s shoes when he came over to play the saxophone by us. My cousin basically caressed his calf for about 10 seconds and it was the funniest thing.


They jumped and moved around so much it was hard to get really good pictures, but I did manage to get this one.


They did a cover of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and I remember afterwards Mandy said something about boys, but all the drunk people were screaming and talking obnoxiously loud, so I couldn’t quite hear her. After the statement though she said, “I’m just kidding guys. GENDER EQUALITY!!!” So the crowd went absolutely ballistic. She them proceeded to put her microphone on the floor and do push-ups with bits of words in between.



Each period represents a push-up… “Society’s standards. For women. And for men. Are complete. And utter. Bullshit!”

They proceeded to sing a song called “Not Your Way” which I would highly recommend to all the feminist ladies of the world! It’s definitely a powerful song, and a great one to get your groove on to!

After this song, they all started getting emotional because apparently there’s one part of the song that no crowd has ever sang the lyrics to before. They were all so touched and said that our crowd was setting insane standards for the rest of the tour. It was the first show of their summer tour, so I’m really glad that it started so fantastic for them! Throughout the concert, Will kept mouthing things to Jesse like, “This is ridiculous!” and “They are crazy!” He definitely teared up a few times.



They played Queens, one of my favorite songs, and that’s when I started to get emotional! You can tell that song means so much to Mandy Lee, and it’s so touching to watch all of them perform it and live out their dreams.

They went off stage, and we all chanted for one more song. They came back on for their encore, which started off as Uptown Funk, which me and my cousins found hilarious because we kinda have an inside joke with that song. Whenever we want to annoy our families, or get rid of a silent moment we just break into that song. So when they started playing that we went crazy and couldn’t stop laughing! They finished off the concert with Imagination Infatuation.

Now I have many mixed emotions about this part of the concert. So I decided that I’d record the end so I start to record and then right as I do Mandy freaking jumps down into the crowd literally right next to me and everyone starts crowding around and jumping up and down to the song and I’m freaking out because I’m practically dancing with her?!?!??! And I have no clue what I’m recording because I’m just jumping and having a heart attack. She gets back on stage, and then grabs my hand and I’m still not paying attention to my phone I’m just pointing it at her and looking at her. The song ends and I look at my phone. You guessed it. I DIDN’T HIT RECORD. YEP. Literally the best part of the concert I miss! Oh well, I still wouldn’t have asked for anything better. I have the memory and that’s what matters!

They were such a great band to perform live! They sounded amazing and had such a natural chemistry on stage.

Truly the best concert I’ve attended in my 18 years of life.


Well I bought this ADORABLE tank top! I may or may not be wearing it right now, take your pick…


We also talked to the opening acts for a bit, and got pictures!

Handsome Ghost


2/3 of Graceful Closure (Jared had something to do!)


We found out that they are from Columbus, which is close to us, so they asked us to go to their EP launch party! My cousin is an Irish Dancer though, and she has a festival to perform at that day. It was funny because they were like “What about the rest of you guys?” and we were like, “Um we are all watching her…” Which sounded so much like an excuse, but it’s actually true! They thought her dancing was cool though, and they put a video of her dancing on their SnapChat story and put the caption “My Irish Homie,” which I thought was hilarious.

We then met Jesse, he plays the trumpet, accordion, keyboards, and glockenspiel for MisterWives. Yes, I said glockenspiel.


(Tyler is on the left!)

Jesse was super sweet. I complimented the performance and told him that the energy and the chemistry they have on stage is breathtaking. He said that they have just been friends for so long that it’s impossible to not be like that. He said thanks to us for supporting them and helping their dreams come true and it was just so touching it made my heart swell.


I had a fantastic night, and I highly recommend that people listen to the MisterWives! They are extremely talented and make good music on and off stage.

Now I’m going to cry because Mandy Lee is my spirit animal.

Well I might make posts in the future about concerts I’ve attended in the past! I enjoyed writing this one, and I think it would be fun to go through all my pictures again and bring back memories!

So do you guys have any awesome concert experiences? Feel free to comment or make a post about them! I love reading concert experiences!

I hope you guys have a fantastic day/night 🙂


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