July 2015 Favorites

So this is something I decided to start on my blog because I’ve seen many people doing “monthly favorites.” I’ve enjoyed reading them, and I feel like I’ll enjoy making them as well! Now I don’t really have any categories in mind, so for right now I’m just going to go for it and whatever pops into my head I’ll jot down.

July Favorites


  • Gilmore Girls
  • New Girl
  • The Jurassic Park Movies
  • Paper Towns (Great movie, but the book was better. Then again, what do you expect?)


  • flowy tank tops
  • high waisted shorts
  • floral print 
  • aviator sunglasses 
  • baseball caps


  • Hurricane by MisterWives 
  • Twin Sized Matress by The Front Bottoms
  • Blood Stutter by Handsome Ghost 
  • Message Man by Twenty One Pilots 
  • 16 Years by The Griswolds


  • Bath and Body Works Ultra Shea Butter Cream! (I still have the Winter Candy Apple scent, but that’s not very “July.”) 
  • Beach/Sky pictures! 

I wish I was able to put a few books on here, but I haven’t had time to read much considering all the college prep I’ve had to do. I have been so busy, and I’m weird with books, I hate not reading them all at once basically. I don’t like taking a break in the middle to do something. Hopefully I am able to in August, but then again college is starting so I can’t get my hopes up. 

This was kinda a short post without much of a point, but I’ll definitely try to get some more meat and potatoes in the August one! 

This was pretty much a test run! Let me know if you have a love as well for any of the things I put down, or want a review of something! 


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