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I do want to clarify before writing this post that these “Girl Talk” posts will not ONLY apply to girls. I entitle them Girl Talk because I am a girl and these are from a girl’s point of view and with these I aim to help women/teen girls! This does not mean that a male could not get inspiration or insight from these posts. Now if I talk about something like bras or periods, then maybe a guy will have a harder time relating…but I always feel like I’m leaving a group of people out and I’m really not! I’m just not experienced as a male and I think as for me giving advice, I would be more comfortable giving it to girls because I am one. I hope this is making sense, I’m just rambling now! GENDER EQUALITY OK? OK.

We all go through lifestyle changes, or at least think about going through them! Lots of people truly want to change things about themselves in order to make themselves healthier or happier, but just don’t have the motivation to do so.

I’m one of those people who when the school year starts I say things like “I’m going to wake up early and run every morning!” “I’m going to give up pop (soda)!” “I won’t eat sweets!” “I’m going to stay super organized!” “I’m going to study super hard and ace everything!” “I’m going to sleep early every night!” “I won’t procrastinate!” “I will limit myself to one episode of Supernatural a day!” Yeah…do any of these sound familiar?

As for how these things work out for me, it lasts maybe a month or two? So not very long. It’s really hard to constantly find motivation when there’s an easy way out… just not doing these things and sticking to older and much easier habits.

Firstly, if you really want to accomplish something. TELL PEOPLE. You get so much more motivation if other people know you’re trying to accomplish something because you don’t want to let them down.

I have come up with a few things I want to do myself for this year. I’m especially motivated though because it’s college! But here I go, telling you guys what I want to accomplish.

1. Stay hydrated!

2. Get a decent amount of sleep

3. Study hard! (Actual studying…not sitting there on my phone with a book open)

4. Work out instead of watching Netflix (not all the time obviously, but when i know i should!)

5. Hang clothes after I wash them instead of throwing them on the floor…

6. Cut meat out of my diet

So those are 6 lifestyle changes I would like to make. You guys can possibly relate to these, or maybe have a few of your own in mind! If you’re near a notepad and pen, write them down. If you are on your phone, make a note and write them down physically later when you are able to! (Trust me having it down physically helps!)

Here are the things I am doing or will do to reach my goals! Please feel free to apply these tips to your own goals πŸ™‚

1. Staying hydrated! Well, I’m giving credit to another blogger on this one! mycolorfulbrain made a post about an app to help you with staying hydrated and I absolutely love it! I’m so glad I read her post. Basically it’s an app called WaterBalance where you document all the liquids you take in daily, not just water. Just make sure that you document your height and weight correctly! I made the mistake of putting in my weight as pounds instead of kilograms like it expected! It was impossible for me to fill up the little person outline with water. I was so in shock that I was supposed to be drinking THAT much water! Turns out, after I fixed my weight and put it as kilograms, it was a number even more than half the previous one. The app thought I just lost that much weight and gave me the weight loss award and congratulated me on being thin. I guess people don’t normally half their size in 24 hours! Anyway, if you are a visual person and want to see how much you are drinking up against how much you should be, this is the app for you! I highly recommend it.

2. Getting enough sleep! I have trouble sleeping. I get really anxious thoughts at night, especially during the school year. Since it will be my first year of college, I know I’ll have a hard time being away from home and being in a new place. I NEED to make sure I get to sleep at a decent time. I also made the very difficult decision to take a Spanish course at 7:30am. Ouch. I will try not to use my phone while I’m in bed at night, as blue light is bad for sleep. I will drink sleepy time tea if I feel like I need it. I will make sure my breathing is calm and regulated. These things all can help me sleep, though if you have similar issues, I recommend using Google and just researching a whole bunch of different things about how to help you sleep. Find out what works for you!

3. Studying! I’ve always been alright at studying, but there’s definitely times where I don’t try at all because I know I’ll pass. I’ll be honest. I know I can do better though. Literally if i studied for even 5 minutes I probably could get the answers to at least 2 more questions. Who knows? That could be a letter grade! I’m getting tons and tons of note cards for college because I’ve used them a bit in the past, but not as much as I should’ve. They help me so much and I wish I used them more often in high school. Also, I think turning off my phone while studying, or putting it far away from my desk will be helpful.

4. Working out instead of being unproductive. So, I fully believe in Netflix days and chilling out. Sometimes I get caught in a routine though and I have a hard time getting out no matter how much I hate it. I know I shouldn’t keep sitting there and watching Netflix, I WANT to do something else. I’m a person who gets physically ill if they aren’t active, but I just can’t bring myself to get myself up and moving. I hope some of you can relate. Some people were born to watch marathons of shows and movies, and I surely am not. I always get tired which makes no sense because I’m resting? I don’t even know what’s wrong with me! I feel like at my college there is so much to do that I won’t be an excessive Netflix watcher, but who knows? I really don’t want to lose everything I’ve gained for the past 6 years of being a runner. I’m worried because I won’t be on a team anymore, that I won’t be able to do as much exercise-wise as I’d like. I’m hoping I can make some runner friends or maybe try out some yoga classes with friends!

5. Hanging up my clothes. This is honestly just because I clutter my room. Apparently it’s a huge struggle for me to take my fully functioning legs to the closet to use my fully functioning arms to put a shirt on a hanger. If I continue this habit in college, I’m going to have tons of wrinkled clothes, considering an iron isn’t allowed.

6. So I saved this one for last because it’s a fairly new idea for me. I want to try to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. I’ll make a separate post about it in more detail soon as to why and everything. To do this I just need to not eat meat or fish. That’s pretty much the extent of my tips on that… I think what would help me though is finding delicious foods that also contain the proper nutrients that I need!

So these are the things I want to continuously achieve! I hope that they will help me become a more responsible and motivated adult. I really do want my lifestyle to be healthier. When I am healthy, I am happy! And THAT is what’s important. If you feel that your health is fine and you are happy with it, then don’t feel the need to change it. Personally, being healthy makes me feel more energized and alert which I believe is important for college! Everyone is different, and it’s important to incorporate things in your lifestyle changes that will make you happier. If you think something like, “If I only ate icecream once a week it would be healthier, but it would be so miserable,” then don’t feel that need to do that! Like I love icecream so much I could not do that… But I will say sometimes lifestyle changes can be hard and difficult. So you might have to go out of your way a little bit to achieve what you want to achieve (health, happiness, both!) but don’t do anything that you aren’t comfortable with or that you think will be absolutely awful.

Another helpful tip. Make Post-It notes with your goals written on them and put them somewhere where you will see them every day!

If you are interested in making a post similar to this one I would love to hear what you guys would like to do this school year/fall! Maybe if it’s not something you believe is post-worthy you can put them in the comments!

Also, feel free to contact me if you have a personal goal you aren’t sure how to achieve, or want some personalized tips!


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I would also love to hear if you guys have some tips for me! I’m open to any ideas or suggestions. 

Well, I hope this post inspired you to make a good change, and if not, I hope that you are happy with the way your life is! (That sounds extremely “WELL I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY BEING THE SAME,” but I don’t know how else to word it? This is when I wish I was a vlogger instead! Using voices can make SUCH a difference xD) But seriously! If you are satisfied with the way you are living your life that is so amazing! You’ve adopted a lifestyle that fills your happiness meter. I hope that all of us can get to that point someday! It may take a bit of trial and error, trying new things, hating new things, or loving new things, but we can get there. We just need to take action for ourselves and believe.

I’m here to help, and I’m sure there’s lots of other bloggers here are willing to help you as well with whatever change you want to makeβ™₯

Once again, my contact information is listed above and I welcome everyone to chat with me!

If you have any sort of suggestion for my next Girl Talk post, please let me know either in the comments, an email, or a Kik message!

I really appreciate you guys so much. When I started this blog, I never thought that I would get so many great and loving comments from you all! Thank you πŸ™‚


15 thoughts on “Girl Talk: Lifestyle Changes

  1. I SO can relate with promising to work out and be healthy but in the end, eh screw this, I’ll just stay in my bed and forget my jog πŸ˜‚ Thanks for the tips,though . I find it useful (:!

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  2. Haha I know the feeling! Sometimes there’s a difference between wanting to do something and WANTING to do something, if that makes sense. Like you might want to work out, but if you REALLY REALLY want to work out, that’s the only way I think you will actually attempt it. If you want to change something you have to be fully committed. Sometimes you just have to try other alternatives that could help you reach the same goal! Like instead of running, you could do another form of exercise, either way it’s still considered working out! And some changes just aren’t for some people and that’s perfectly okay as long as they are happy πŸ™‚
    Thank you for reading and commenting! ❀️

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  3. This is such a good post! I like how you said how you will achieve each goal, instead of just listing it and expecting it to happen like I so often do! All of those things are oh so relatable to me too, and good luck with the lifestyle changes! Also, thank you for the app recommendation, i just got it and it is really cool! πŸ™‚

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  4. “I’m a person who gets physically ill if they aren’t active, but I just can’t bring myself to get myself up and moving.” – I’m laughing so much right now because that’s literally me. This entire post was so relatable! I always set goals for myself and then two months in I completely forget about everything. Maybe this year will be different… πŸ™‚

    I love your blog, and I’m looking forward to reading more posts from you!

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  5. Loved this post! Lol I keep laughing every time I use that app now. Anyways I’m just like that, I always make big plans to better my lifestyle and I stick with them for a day and then I forget about it haha.

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