Busy. Busy. Busy.

I haven’t been very active on this blog or made a post in a few days because I’ve been packing and getting ready for college in general!

I’m leaving tomorrow! That’s right, TOMORROW! I’m excited and nervous and terrified and about a million other emotions.

Obviously I’ve never been to college before and the longest I’ve been away from home without my parents is probably about 4 days. I can’t come home until Thanksgiving so I have to stay until November. SO THIS WILL BE INTERESTING.

I know I’ll be fine, it’s just a scary thought! I’m thankful to be alive in the age of texting and cell phones. I’m probably going to call my mom 24/7 asking her how to do adult things.

The first week I’m going to be by myself because I’m moving in a week early. I got a job at the dining hall on campus and they want to train me prior to move-in day. My roommate won’t be there yet, and neither will my best friend 😦

I do know a sophomore on campus though so she said that she would show me around and hang out with me. She works with the football team though, so I obviously can’t just count on her being there for me 24/7 that whole week.

I think being by myself for a few days will be good for me. Even though I’ll be anxious as hell for quite a while because I’ll be trying to get to work and training and such on time by myself. I have a CRIPPLING fear of being late; it’s so bad. It’s so so so bad. I’m hardly ever late to anything, but I’m so afraid of being late I can’t stand the thought of it. I like having my mom to wake me up if my alarm doesn’t go off or something happens and I’m not awake on time for school. I wont have that in college! 😦

I think once I know where everything is and about how long it takes me to get everywhere, I’ll calm down.


I’m also going to have to eat alone though. I don’t really mind that thought, it’s just different from what I’m used to! In the back of my mind I know that no one will judge me, but I always feel like people are judging me.




Well, just a little note for those who may enjoy my blog: I’ll try to post, but I can’t promise anything. I’m really going to try adjusting to college properly and not bury myself in my dorm room hiding from sunlight all day. I really want to make the most of college and take in all it has to offer. I might have plenty of time to blog, and if I do, I definitely will! I don’t want to make really short and meaningless posts just to try and post something though. So if I have something interesting to share and a decent amount of time, I will blog!

I hope you all can understand that.

I apologize for this scattered post. My brain isn’t fully functioning because of all the emotions!!!


P.S. I updated the pages on my blog!

I’ll link the pages below:

About Me

Contact Me

Girl Talk (I decided to make a page that includes all the posts I make for that section of my blog!)

Feel free to check it out 🙂

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  1. I’m so excited for you (: And don’t worry about not being active on your blog, I’m sure we, you’re readers , will definitely understand that! Have loads of fun in your college xx

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