What have I been up to?

Well, you guys might be aware of the fact that I moved into my college dorm! It was so much different than what I was expecting. First of all, I mentioned this in a previous post, but I moved in a week early because I got a job on campus at the dining hall and they want us to be trained early. So, there was practically no one at my residence hall during my move in day, so it was super smooth sailing. I met my RA and a few other girls that were there for a job as well.

My parents basically organized my room for me. I just let them do it. Once they left I fixed everything! That night, me, the 3 girls I met, and some of the RA’s played games in the lounge. I ended up taking a shower at 1:30 in the morning so that was an interesting first shower on campus.

It’s so nice that no one is in my building though because I can shower in peace and not feel rushed.

I lofted my bed and my head hits the ceiling all the time…

Also omg my building is 78 years old and my door is so hard to open it gave me blisters on my hands 😦

I’m making everything sound terrible omg it’s not terrible I’m actually having a great time, there’s just a few imperfections, but that’s expected.

I’ve been able to relax and just stroll around the campus (which is quite beautiful) and it’s surrounding town.

Yesterday, I had work training and since I’m working at the new dining hall they aren’t completely done with it yet and there’s no food, so they sent us home really early because there simply was nothing they could do. They couldn’t show us how to prepare or serve food without food. So, they gave us a tour and just told us the gist of everything.

I met a few people there as well, which was really nice. One girl was also in my major!

I actually just got a text from one of the girls asking me to hang out later! So I’m really glad I’m making some friends already.

I also met another girl yesterday who was lost and I was just showing her where to go. I decided to help her out with the other buildings she was trying to find and we ended up walking around and talking for around 3 hours!

I’ve gotten quite a few new numbers so I’m probably going to organize my contacts soon because I don’t want to have a million contacts from middle school and high school that I literally haven’t texted or maybe even talked to for 5 years.

I’m not expecting to be best friends with everyone, but it’s nice to have a few resources and friendly faces.

College is going way better than expected! I just hope this can continue when classes start.

I’m also a bit nervous for when everyone moves in. Like my roommate isn’t here yet, so I’ve naturally kinda adopted her side of the room. I also really enjoy being by myself and just having time to think and be alone and relax. I’ve texted my roommate a lot and she seems super cool and really sweet, but it’s just going to be really different!

She moves in on Thursday, so I’m pretty excited! AND MY BEST FRIEND MOVES IN FRIDAY!!!

Ah, I feel so good guys!

And I almost have 100 followers! Which is off topic, but true! I know followers don’t matter, but 100 is a milestone! I only need five more lovely souls to hit that button.

But anyway, I’m doing good, and I thought I’d let you guys know that. Thank you for understanding that college will be a busy time for me and posting every day just won’t be realistic.

I appreciate you all.


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