I have some explaining to do… *ALSO 100 FOLLOWERS!!!*

Hello Internet!

I’ve been MIA for the past well…I don’t even know how long and that’s part of the issue here. It’s been forever since I’ve blogged, and now as my fingers are prancing across my keyboard I’m realizing how much I’ve missed it!

I’ve thought about blogging throughout my couple months here at college, but I’ve just always had found something else that was higher on my priorities list. Here are a few examples:

  1. I have a bunch of homework to do.
  2. I need to print something from the library.
  3. Wow, I should really study for that exam coming up.
  4. I have to work.
  5. I want to go out with my friends!
  6. It’s too late.
  7. I should get some sleep.
  8. I can only watch this episode of Gilmore Girls and make it to class if i start it… RIGHT NOW!!!
  9. I need to get some food.
  10. I should really shave my legs.

So yeah…

Not to say that those aren’t bad priorities, but I feel AWFUL about not posting for so long. I haven’t even been reading blogs. I’ve said it enough, but I feel terrible! If you couldn’t tell from the title, I have received 100 lovely followers! I should be a decent blogger and at least give the group of you who follow me something to read about every once in a while shouldn’t I?

Well, here I am! I’m alive and well. College is going great! I’ve done well on all my exams and I love my roommate and everything is just going incredibly well. Even my now-long distance relationship with Tyler (He’s visiting next weekend!)

I really want to make another Girl Talk post. Maybe tonight, but at least sometime this weekend. I don’t have classes tomorrow because it’s a 3 day weekend, so basically all my friends, including my roommate, all went home! I don’t really have anyone to hang out with all weekend so I’ll just have a weekend to chill and study! I picked up some extra shifts at work too, so I’ll get some extra cash, which is always nice.

But anyway, as always, if you guys ever have some type of question for me, or an idea for a Girl Talk post, I would be so grateful for any ideas you all have!


email: ablissfullifeblog@gmail.com


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