My “New Years Resolutions” – And Tips to Keep Yours!

Every year I make a New Years resolution, or even a few of them.  But this year is different. Everytime I see or hear the word resolution I think of finding the resolution to a problem. I’m not a problem. I’m not trying to resolve myself! I’m just a human who wants to changer herself … More My “New Years Resolutions” – And Tips to Keep Yours!

December 2015 Favorites

So I totally forgot that I started this in July…and never continued it… BUT HEY MONTHLY FAVORITES ARE BACK!! December Favorites TV Shows/Movies The Office Sherlock Narcos American Horror Story Hotel All of the Star Wars Movies Music Keep It Together – Real Friends Ironic – Alanis Morisette Begging for Thread- BANKS A Sea Chanty … More December 2015 Favorites


So I think this year’s Christmas was pretty successful! Even though the Christmas spirit wasn’t as prevalent as it’s been in the past, I think when Christmas morning came, I was as spirited as ever! (At least as spirited as a 19 year old can be). So in today’s post, I simply just wanted to … More CHRISTMAS HAUL!!!

Christmas Eve!

This December has probably felt the least Christmassy of all the Decembers I’ve been on this Earth for. I don’t know what I want for Christmas… (Yes, still!) The temperature where I live is 55 degrees Fahrenheit (about 13 degrees Celsius) and its normally 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) or less this time of … More Christmas Eve!

Donuts and Celebrities

So yesterday I hung out with my boyfriend, Tyler. We’ve been together for over a year now, and we’ve always had record-breaking long talks. Like half of our dates have probably been us just sitting and talking for hours on end. Which I love! The quality of my friendships with people is honestly how easily … More Donuts and Celebrities

The Reason why me and my best friend are not roommates

Well it’s finals week. Technically, it’s almost over. I was so busy studying that the time just completely slipped by me! I was going to make a post Monday or Tuesday, but it’s already Friday! I probably wouldn’t have even written this post, but I made a mistake… So my final for my CSD class … More The Reason why me and my best friend are not roommates