Officially 19 Years Old!

So my birthday was yesterday, December 4th! I was going to post then,but wow, let me tell ya… I was FAR more busy than I thought I’d be.

So I wake up feeling tired because I had an 8am Spanish oral exam. I ended up getting a 100% which made me feel pretty good about myself! It was the last day of classes, and the only other class I had was Human Biology.

I did a ton of studying for finals and then Skyped my boyfriend, Tyler. My friends decided to take me out to Buffalo Wild Wings and then we went back to my friend’s dorm to watch a movie!

I ended up getting to sleep around 2am, which is pretty unheard of for me since I go to bed fairly early. Yeah, yeah, yeah… I’m THAT girl.

But yeah I’m 19 now? When did that happen?

I feel like I was only 18 for 2 months.

Now it’s my last year of being a teenager!! It’s honestly completely insane. I really can’t believe it.

Time flies folks.

Enjoy it while it lasts!



16 thoughts on “Officially 19 Years Old!

  1. Happy Birthday!!! I am 20 years old and it kinda sucks LOL, you’re right in the middle of legal drinking age…I have been counting down the months until my 21st birthday 😛 T-minus 7 months! Enjoy your last “teen” year! 🙂

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