The Reason why me and my best friend are not roommates

Well it’s finals week. Technically, it’s almost over. I was so busy studying that the time just completely slipped by me! I was going to make a post Monday or Tuesday, but it’s already Friday! I probably wouldn’t have even written this post, but I made a mistake…

So my final for my CSD class is today at 12:20pm, but I had the un-updated syllabus and it said that it was at 10:20am. So I got up early and organized my notes and got my laptop all set up. So yeah, that was a bit saddening. At least I didn’t miss it though. I’m also pretty thankful it’s an online exam because I would’ve definitely showed up to a classroom 2 hours early.

So now I’m just trying to figure out what to do until then!

I have a Spanish exam later, which I have absolutely zero motivation to study for. My brain is completely done at this point. I’m honestly just hoping for the best. My roommate already left for winter break yesterday because she didn’t have any exams today. So my best friend (who’s taking me home today) moved out of her dorm and into mine for the night.

She had an exam at 8:00am, so we kept telling ourselves that we would go to bed early. Of course, that didn’t happen!

We literally ended up watching like 5,000 Justin Bieber videos because she just recently became a fan after Purpose came out, and I’ve liked him since 2010, so she was telling me to show her good videos of his.

I realized it was getting late and told her that she could get ready for bed and that I was just going to do some laundry really quick. Next thing I know, she’s RUNNING into the laundry room, and telling me something about Justin Bieber that I couldn’t understand, and dragging me out of the laundry room, and running me through the hallway back to my dorm room. Apparently he was going to be on The Late Late Show and we HAD to watch it! I mentioned that we should get some sleep, but she really wanted to watch it, so we ended up staying up way later than we should, and this my friends, is why I can’t room with my best friend. Time flies too fast and we end up having way too much fun!

Overall, I’ve had a decent finals week though. I’m just hoping Spanish isn’t that hard!!! I can’t wait for Winter Break.


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