So I think this year’s Christmas was pretty successful! Even though the Christmas spirit wasn’t as prevalent as it’s been in the past, I think when Christmas morning came, I was as spirited as ever! (At least as spirited as a 19 year old can be).

So in today’s post, I simply just wanted to share with everyone what I got! I’m not in any way trying to brag (just for the record!) I just wanted to share what I received. (I know some people like knowing what other people got and some don’t). So that’s my little warning before you read on!

First of all, my boyfriend got me 2 necklaces and a bracelet from StarGaze Jewelry! 🙂


Yes, this next picture is upside down, but it’s just some nice boot socks!


I got a sunflower latch hooking kit. I love latch hook!


This is a dark green and navy blue flannel from Forever 21! Size: SMIMG_1290.JPG

Next is a Cream colored oversized sweater from American Eagle! So comfy! Size: SM


Thin oversized sweater from Kohls. Size: SM


Copper colored thin oversized sweater from Charlotte Russe! Size: SM

Yes, I really like oversized sweaters…


Floral Print sheer top from Forever 21. Size: SM


PINK Perfume: Sweet and Flirty

Victoria’s Secret Perfumes: Love Spell and Aqua Kiss

I’m really excited for these! I haven’t gotten new perfumes in years because I bought so many freshman year of high school xD


This is a picture I got off the internet because I ordered these Bean Boots, but they are back ordered until February 😦


My uncle got these boots fro me! I LOVE THEM. (I’m sorry the picture is horizontal)


And a new purse because my other one broke!


I also got a gold bracelet from my grandparents 🙂 (I forgot to take a picture though)

So yeah that’s my Christmas in a nutshell!

I got Tyler Twenty One Pilots tickets since they are his favorite band (I love them as well!), and he was so happy it was adorable! I almost cried since I haven’t seen him that happy in so long! So I’m really happy that I get to see Twenty One Pilots with him next year 🙂

Christmas 2015 ☑



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