Girl Talk: Eating “Too Much” or “Too Little”

So I haven’t done a Girl Talk post in a while, but I made one for today! It’s a lot shorter than my other ones, but I think it’s a really straightforward topic, and relatable!  Since some people might be new or need a refresher, here is a link to a summary of what “Girl Talk” is. That link also includes the previous posts I’ve done under this category if you are interested in reading more of these! 


One of the many things we have to deal with, being female, is people constantly making observations about our eating choices (typically the unhealthy ones) and telling us how they feel about it.

Unfortunately, the worst part about this is that no mater what they say, it comes off in a negative way.

Women should be able to eat a big lunch without telling people “I haven’t eaten anything all day.” And we should most definitely be able to eat a plate of loaded nachos and not have to clarify that we’ve worked hard all week and deserve it.

I don’t know about you guys but the most dreaded questions to me are definitely “Is that all you’re going to eat?” or “You’re going to eat all that!?”

Girls should feel that they can eat what they want….because they can. And that’s that.

Going along with that, I also don’t see why if a woman is eating healthy, everyone seems to assume she’s unhappy with her size. Is it absurd that we might just want to be treating our bodies’ well!?

Sigh. The world can be so confusing to me sometimes.

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  1. It’s ridiculous that we have to justify giving ourselves the food our bodies need to live. No one should ever feel bad about giving their bodies energy and I think the only time it is appropiate to talk about how much a girl or boy is eating is if they have (or you think they might have) an eating disorder, and even then ‘is that all you’re going to eat’ is not the right way to go about it.

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  2. I completely agree! I didn’t even realize this was something I was dealing with until I was constantly being compared to my brothers because they ate a lot more than me. First of all, they are way bigger than I am (despite being younger)! And I’ve never really had that big of an appetite. I’m used to the comment (from friends, family, and most of all waiters and waitresses…) “Is that all you want?” And it always confused me because I thought I was eating a lot, but then I’d look over at my brother’s plate and realize that I was eating a significantly smaller amount. So my go-to response was “I’m not that hungry.” (but i was!!)
    I’ve grown out of this though because I’ve realized “Yes, that is all I want.” Is also a suitable answer. You are the only one that knows your body, so don’t let anyone make you second guess yourself!

    And I also agree with what you’re saying about eating disorders. I’ve done lots of training on how to counsel someone with an eating disorder and I’ve done tons of research (it’s just something I’m interested in). If you suspect someone might have an eating disorder it’s better to approach them in private and to just let them know you are concerned rather than accusing them!

    Thanks for the comment 🙂


  3. I think it’s definitely human nature to compare how much you eat with everyone else. It just gets bothersome when it’s all the time! (And out loud!)
    I’ve been called anorexic my entire life and I’ve never once struggled with the disorder. People just assume that I have it because I’m slim, exercise a lot, and don’t have a huge appetite. It makes me self conscious sometimes because I think “Should I be eating more?”
    But like I’ve said before, you’re the only one who knows your body so you can’t let people tell you any different! 🙂

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  4. I think eating is something that a lot of people are self-conscious about so constantly asking them about their choices and habits can get quite annoying at times and really make them second guess what they’re eating!
    If they haven’t already, I’m sure your friends will realize that they are the only ones who know their own bodies, and no one else can tell them otherwise! 🙂

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  5. You seem similar to me in eating and weight. And personally I don’t think I eat less than anyone if anytging I eat more. But your right only you know really and you definietly shouldn’t

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  6. All my life, I have had to deal with people telling me I am overweight- it became some what of a self fulfiling prophecy whereby I thought; forget it then if I’m fat might as well eat it all. Ironically I now look back at photos of my so called “fat days” and I look fine compared to how I am now. I genuinely believe people should save the complimentary ( which is not so complimentary) commentary to themselves. Rant over. For now 😂

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  7. SO this is embarssing, but essientially I couldn’t find the reply button so I guess I’ll just leave a whole new comment *blushes* I think it’s really great they you are researching eating disorders because it is a problem, an epidemic, that is being completely overlooked. It kills so so many people and it’s so fabulous that you have those views. Everyone has the right to eat what they want and we all have different appitites and as long as we are happy and healthy it really doesn’t matter. It’s my pleasure to comment, I thought your post was fantastic and this is a subject very close to my heart 🙂

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  8. This past year I’ve decided to eat more healthy and I agree, I sometimes can’t go out and eat with people without someone saying something about the way I eat and saying that ‘ I should just eat whatever I want and not diet’ and it makes me annoyed because it IS what I want to eat and not a diet.

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  9. I’ve had a similar experience! I converted into a vegetarian lifestyle and completely cut meat out of my diet. So of course everyone asks, “why?” I did it for health reasons mostly. Then I got comments about my size because I am already so slim. I always had to say “Just because I’m skinny on the outside doesn’t mean I am on the inside.” And I overall just tried to eat healthier with that switch! (Now that I’m tying this I’ve eaten an insane amount of chocolate since Christmas…oops).
    But I agree! If you want to change your eating habits then you should be able to without being pounded with comments about it. It gets annoying!


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