My 2015 Blogger Award Nominations!

So I was pretty hesitant to take part in this at first. It’s a fantastic idea and all (thank you, Ambi!), but I was basically on an impromptu (semi) hiatus for 3 months!!

I’m just now getting back into the swing of blogging, but unfortunately, I feel like I’ve missed SO much. I just wasn’t sure if taking part in the Blogger Awards was something I was qualified for.

But quite frankly, it’s blown up so much, I’m starting to feel left out. I don’t have a nomination for every category, but I tried my best! So without further ado, here are my nominations!

Blogger of the year: Elm– Elm owns a blog that really got me inspired to be blogging in the first place! She is always so kind to everyone. Even my boyfriend loves her blog!!! xD And I remember being involved in a Kik chat with bloggers (including Elm) which was super fun! I had to leave the chat when I went off to college, but I felt so loved and included in that chat. I miss all of you guys!

Blog of the year: Caitlin – I’ve followed Caitlin’s blog since I’ve started blogging, and I’ve always been a fan of reading her posts! She has so many different types of posts and is really involved in the world of blogging!

Kindest blogger: Em – I feel like in every post I read Em says something thoughtful and kind in the comments. (Which is a good thing!)

Prettiest blog: Caitlin – For pretty self explanatory reasons! I think her blog is really pretty!

Most optimistic blogger: Luna – Luna always seems so positive and it’s really inspiring, I love it!

Again, I’m sorry I don’t feel entirely qualified to nominate for the other categories. Gah, I wish I could! Next year, though! 🙂




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