My New Years Celebration! – In Taco Bell…

I started off my New Years Eve celebration that way I always do! Running a 5k with my family and friends! I caught up with a lot of people I haven’t seen since May at the race and I overall had a really good time despite how freezing the temperatures were.

I was a bit sad Tyler had to work last night, I was really looking forward to spending New Years with him.

But since I had nothing else to do, I went to Taco Bell to visit him at work! It turns out they were having a small get together type thing with some other workers. I happened to know all of them because we were on the same cross country team in high school, so that was really nice.

The Taco Bell lobby closed at 12, and the drive thru stayed open until 2am. Tyler was working until 3am.

We all just talked and caught up until midnight and then we all awkwardly cheered and Tyler’s manager got this stellar picture.

I honestly don’t know who the highlight of the photo is! xD

He got one for snapchat too because me and Tyler made a snapchat for the both of us and throughout 2016 we are going to send it snapchats so that on New Years Eve of 2016 we can replay our year 🙂

It was really awkward when people didn’t realize the lobby was closed and tried to get in…They were probably so confused because the doors were locked, but there was a bunch of people inside…oops! Our philosophy was “if you don’t look at them, they don’t exist.”

Overall, I had a really fun time! It was a much more eventful New Years than I was expecting. 2016 is off to a great start!

Happy New Years! May 2016 bring you love, hope, and joy 🙂



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