First Day of Spring Semester Classes!

I’m writing this a tad early considering I’ve only been to 2 of the 4 classes I have today. I have a big break though, so I thought, why not blog?

So far I’ve had English and Pre-Calc, both of which I’m a tad nervous for in the upcoming months… They just seem like a lot of work, but I’m hoping that I can handle it!

I already have an English assignment, so that really sucks 😦

I’m so stressed because I have Anthropology next and my teacher sent out an email saying they posted the notes and to print them off and bring them to class, but they wont show up! I can’t even click on the site that the class is on. Nothing is showing up! I sent an email to the professor about an hour ago explaining the problem and that I wasn’t sure if this was my problem or a problem that everyone was having. I haven’t heard a response yet and class is in about 45 minutes. So yeah, that a bit stressful. I’m planning on talking to the teacher before class and asking in person and saying that I was the one that emailed them about the problem. I get really nervous confronting professors on the first day, but obviously if no one else is having this problem I need to contact my college’s tech support because it might be my account specifically! I’m secretly hoping everyone is having this problem…

Then I have my History of Rock Music class really late, 7:30-9:20pm. It’s a pretty long class late in the evening, but it should be interesting! It’s also only once a week which helps.

So far I haven’t had a bad first day of classes! I do want to inform my readers that I may not be as active on WordPress since college started back up. I will be better than last semester, but there will be a decrease in activity from me, sadly. I hope you all can understand!


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