Life Rule #1 – Don’t be a Dick

Life Rule #1- Don’t be a dick.

Unless your name is Dick obviously. But even so, you better be a good Dick, Dick. Ya hear me?

Seriously though, I can not stress the importance of this.

Sure it’s “cool” to not care and to “hate everyone.” But out in the real world, it’s not.

Let’s face it, we all joke around about hating the entire human population because of one stupid thing one person said. Do we actually hate everyone? Of course not. But why on earth do we say it?

Don’t be so negative all the time. I promise it will make your life so much richer. Humans have flaws (sometimes specific humans more so…) but they also have so so so so so SOOO many amazing qualities. Keep your eyes and ears open to notice those qualities instead.

Open your mind to a little more positivity. Once again, Rule #1, Don’t be a dick. Put away a little of your time to help someone else. Sometimes, your life can go on hold for a second.

For example, I was at work this weekend and we were severely understaffed. The closing crew was only a few people while there’s normally dozens. It was late, and my co-workers that had to stay were really stressed out. I felt bad, but my friends were waiting on me to order pizza. I texted them, told them I needed to stay to help out, and they just saved me some pizza. I put my life on hold for just about 2 hours and made a huge difference (and got a raise out of it!!!!!) Everyone was so thankful for my help. Everyone else that was asked to volunteer to stay said they had plans and ended up leaving.

Don’t be a dick. Embrace yourself and others.

You guys can do it, I know it.

I’m so sorry this post is all over the place, I’m extremely tired oops.





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