My Stressful(???) Life

So I haven’t been able to make a blog post or read blogs for a while because I’ve been extremely stressed. It’s true that sometimes blogging is my way to relieve stress in certain situations, but not this time.

I just needed a break for a while. I just needed to focus on school and what was going on. I am in a few tough classes this semester and exams kinda all ended up being at once. I’m trying to get a valid membership in a club, and I’m also trying to find a professor to do research with. I’m trying to find a roommate for next year, and I’m just so stressed about everything to the point of making myself ill.

I’ve been having bad stomach pains, but I got some medicine which really has been helping so I feel much better. I’m hoping that things start to calm down and fall into place soon.

Today, I had an interview to be a tour guide next year. It was only a 5 minute interview which I think is the most nerve wracking because how are you supposed to make a good impression in only 5 minutes!?!?!

I think I did well though. My mom keeps saying they probably want upperclassmen, and not a first year student, but I’m hoping she’s wrong. I would love to be a college campus tour guide!

I also have another interview over spring break, which starts February 27th so is it actually even spring?? But I’m not as nervous for that interview. Not sure why though to be honest.

It’s a job at a small concert pavilion near my house. I thought it would be a fun summer job and I would get to be around music and all that fun stuff! I really need a job over the summer because I’m not sure what else I’d do and I really need money, so I’m praying I get this job!!!!

I’m sorry for this unbelievably pointless and boring post. But there’s my life update for everyone.

I hope you all are well.



7 thoughts on “My Stressful(???) Life

  1. Welcome back!
    I can sometimes feel stressed about blogging, so if you feel stressed, wait until you have a bit of time, and schedule a couple of posts, i don’t do this that often but if i know i’m gonna have a busy week or have exams, it really helped.
    p.s. good luck with the jobs!

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  2. glad you’re back! πŸ™‚ I think it’s kind of up to you how stressful blogging is, because what you do with your blog is up to you. So if you’re busy with other things try not to worry too much about blogging, we’ll support you no matter what ^.^ good luck for the jobs, I will cross my fingers although you might not need the extra luck πŸ˜‰

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  3. Welcome back! If blogging is stressful, don’t worry about making posts! Nobody wants you to get stressed from making posts, so enjoy your leisure as you please. We’ll all support whatever decisions you make. πŸ™‚

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