I Saved Someone’s Life

So this story takes place last weekend because this weekend I decided to dedicate to homework. Which in case you were wondering, I’ve almost finished. I decided to take this short break to tell you guys a story.

Last weekend was pretty crazy in general. I’ll start with that. My school is a huge party school and once the weather is warm there’s basically parties all day and all night every weekend. When I say all day I mean like starting at 6am sharp for “Kegs and Eggs.” Like it’s pretty insane.

Typically if people choose to participate in this, they get up early, go party, and then eat lunch, party more, then take a nap, eat dinner, party more.

I’m not a huge partier, but last weekend I didn’t have much to do. I didn’t really feel like going out on Friday and Saturday, so I just decided to go on Saturday.

So Friday night I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with some friends. They all live in a different dorm than me, but they were nice and walked me back first. We were talking in the hallway for a few minutes and noticed a group of 3 girls come in. One was obviously very intoxicated, and the other two girls were her roommates holding her up since she could barely stand on her own.

There was a lot of yelling and noise coming from their room. It sounded like the drunk girl, let’s call her Macy, was trying to leave the room, but her roommates were trying to get her into bed.

About an hour passed and I decided I was going to shower and get ready for bed. When I walked into the bathroom, Macy and her roommates were there. Macy was throwing up and her roommates looked extremely annoyed. I would’ve offered my help at this point, but I was only in a towel and nothing else…so I wouldn’t have been super helpful. I heard lots of commotion while showering, but couldn’t quite make out what anyone was saying. It turns out my roommate came in and started to help them when I got out of the shower.

I quickly put on my clothes just to check on them and apparently things were getting worse. Macy was nearly completely passed out so they were just trying to keep her awake. I remembered seeing my RA earlier so I quickly knocked on her door and had her come help. She called the hospital and very soon we had a bathroom full of police and medics. They said that she probably didn’t have alcohol poisoning, but she was very close.

It was quite a scary experience, but she stayed the night in the hospital and everything is ok now.

The best part of this story is that when I went out on Saturday I saw her. I guess she bounces back fast?

So maybe saving a life is a stretch…but I still did a good thing!



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