I got a HUGE teddy bear!!!

So my Tyler’s Valentine’s Day gift finally came this weekend. He kept telling me it was huge and that he couldn’t bring it to my dorm and that I would need to wait until I got home. Well, I came home for Easter weekend, and it’s a GIANT TEDDY BEAR!!!

It’s so giant and fluffy and adorable and huge and great and I love it so much!! It’s really nice to cuddle. I can wrap it’s arm around me and cuddle into the fluffiness. Who needs a boyfriend anyway?? (Sorry Tyler…)

He also got me a beautiful gold and sapphire necklace. It was hard to get a good picture, but this is what I got. IMG_2281

Sapphire is actually my birthstone, but Tyler didn’t know that, which I think is pretty funny. It worked out pretty well though, didn’t it?


So there’s a picture of me wearing the necklace with Tyler! It was a pretty good Easter weekend!

I’m missing the teddy bear though, I didn’t bring it back to my dorm with me because it would take up way too much space!

How was everyone’s Easter?


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