Yeah, I mean if there’s something I can be considered a pro at, it’s procrastination. I procrastinate every single blog post that pops into my mind and I’m so tired of myself for continuing this dreaded cycle. I mean, at least I have all the ideas saved I guess. 

So I’m writing a post about it to whip me back into the blogging gear. 

College is out for the summer, and my summer job at a concert Pavillion doesn’t start until next month. 

I’ve just been too busy diving into the deep depths of YouTube and watching Death Note with my boyfriend that I haven’t been able to put aside enough time to blog. I really want to start getting my creative juices flowing and get some content out there for you guys to enjoy! I’m just having a hard time getting to that point.

I’ve already started, but tomorrow I’ll continue to follow new blogs! I’m hoping that doing this and reading everyone’s posts will provide me with some inspiration.

I guess since I’ve been so MIA with college I’ve forgotten what you all enjoy to read!

I’ll get back on track though soon hopefully. 

Thank you for reading this pointless post! 



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