The Front Bottoms Concert – 5.7.16

So on Saturday I went to see The Front Bottoms! The Front Bottoms are hands down one of my favorite bands and I could not have been more excited to experience a show of theirs live. If you like Indie Rock music and are looking for something a bit different, I would highly recommend giving them a listen. Twin Size Mattress was the first song I heard by them.

Before the show, I started filming for my vlog! I did a brief introduction and then went to get ready. After that, I was planning on vlogging again with my finished concert look!

Unfortunately, that did not happen. Why, you may ask?

Well, I went to my laptop to print of the tickets for me and my boyfriend. No connection with the printer. I tried the other printer, and still no connection. I went to my family’s desktop computer, nothing from either printer once again.

Naturally, I start to flip out a little. I mean, I was leaving with my group in a little over an hour.

To add to this, my family wasn’t home to help, and I didn’t have my car because my brother needed it for school. I called my mom and she had no solutions.

Like any sane person would do, I called my grandma. She drove 15 minutes to come pick me up and print off the tickets at her house, and drove me all the way back. Thank goodness for grandmas.

I hardly had time to get ready, so I didn’t have enough time to finish my video, but it’s alright. Next time!

So for the actual concert…


Diet Cig, and Brick + Mortar were the opening acts, which I actually quite enjoyed as well. I even added them to my Spotify.

Here’s a few pictures I took, I was on stage left in the 2nd row.


I am unnaturally obsessed with the lead singer, Brian Sella, so when he put on a derby hat because they had just gotten back from the Kentucky Derby, I may have died a little. He kept joking about how they freed the horses.


They played a fantastic mix of songs on different albums which I really loved. There was a lot of energy and they sound sooooo much like their studio recordings.

My least favorite part was the very end when they sang Twin Sized Mattress because guess what I, being an idiot, did?? I tried to record my favorite part, which is the ending lyrics: “She hopes I’m cursed forever to sleep on a twin size mattress in somebody’s attic or basement my whole life- never graduating up in size to add another…”

So yeah, it’s kinda a dark and sad part to like, but it’s just so deep and I love that about it. The intensity of that part of the song gives me chills. THAT’S ALL I WANTED TO RECORD PEOPLE. And I instead took a time-lapse. So I have a bunch of random pictures of them singing that part, but I cannot hear it 😦 Luckily, the last part of the lyric I captured because I noticed what I had done. So I have a brief recording of: “…And my nightmares will have nightmares every night.”

Overall, I had a fantastic time and can’t wait for them to hopefully have another show here soon!


P.S. If anyone likes The Front Bottoms and is interested, or wants some examples of songs to listen to by them, their setlist was:

  • Skeleton
  • Historic Cemetery
  •  Tattooed Tears
  • Santa Monica
  • Flashlight
  • West Virginia
  • Summer Shandy
  • The Plan (Fuck Jobs)
  • HELP
  • Wolfman
  • Maps
  • Cough It Out
  • Au Revoir (Adios)
  • The Beers
  • Laugh Till I Cry
  • Rhode Island
  • Swimming Pool
  • Jim Bogart
  • Lonely Eyes
  • Twelve Feet Deep
  • Twin Size Matress