Why all the Drama?

I’ve been home from college for the summer for about 4ish weeks (maybe?) now. The high schoolers are still in session for another month and I’ve been able to talk to some of my friends who are still in high school since I’ve been back home.

There is so much unnecessary drama.

So much. 

I’ve heard so many stories that wouldn’t have seemed weird to me last year, but now I think it’s crazy.

Like, people just hate each other for no apparent reason. People stop talking to one another with no explanation, people make a point to hate one another, and so on.

I truly don’t understand.

I’m extremely glad that I’ve matured through college along with everyone else.

If you’re still in a dramatic high school, don’t worry, college is so much different. (I guess I can’t say this with 100% certainty because I’ve only been to one college).

Hopefully, all of you that are younger have a similar experience to I did when moving on to college. Of course there will still be drama, because there’s always people who attract it, but at least it’s toned down, or more reasonable. And if anything, it’s easier to avoid if you go to a big college.

I was honestly just going to Tweet about this, but didn’t want to offend anyone still in high school that follow me, and I thought the blogging community here would understand.



9 thoughts on “Why all the Drama?

  1. I honestly agree! I’m just giving the finals for my senior year and I’m already so over all the high school drama! I have been for all of senior year tbh.

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  2. I’m right in the middle of high school, or it’s equivalent over here in the UK, anyway. I know exactly what you mean, and I just stay out of it; it’s easier that way

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  3. I think my friends were all very dramatic, and I was such a peacekeeper that I had like 7 groups of friends that hated each other 😂
    At the time I didn’t even realize how incredibly dumb that is!
    Keep staying out of it, I’m sure it will pay off!

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  4. Honestly? You could never know. For me, high school was pretty amazing, I had a lot of friends and it was so much fun. In university on the other hand, I had a class with all girls mostly (only 2 guys), and the drama and gossiping was unbelievable! I can’t wait to graduate this summer honestly… I’ve had enough 😛

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