That thing that you did and wish you didn’t do, but can’t seem to forget

I feel like everyone has “that thing.” I know I have multiple. I forget about them for a while and then randomly my brain will think about it and I’m just like…WHY DID I DO THAT?!

Usually it’s things I feel guilty about. 

My personal favorite is a bit funny, so I decided to share. 

So when I was 10 years old, Webkinz were a huge hit. I had maybe about 13 of them and I was constantly on the website trying to earn money for my Webkinz. One day, my best friend called me and asked me to come over, but I was really caught up in playing with my Webkinz online. I ended up telling her that my mom said no, and proceeded to play Webkinz. 

I guess I became a true internet kid at a young age! 

I feel bad about it in a way still…but it was so long ago that it’s quite funny now. 

Do any of you guys have any similar stories??