My Life as a Graduate of High School

Things got stressful. Fast.

All of a sudden, instead of people asking you what grade you’re in, they’ll ask you what you’re studying.

All of a sudden, everything you accomplished in high school doesn’t matter as much anymore. Trust me, all that did was get you into college. Once you’re in college, the only thing that matters is the next chapter of your life.

All of a sudden, people are competing for a spot in grad school, or a spot within their career choice. Sometimes, it feels like everyone is supposed to be your enemy. 

All of a sudden, you’re friends from high school are all going different places. 

All of a sudden, you’re on your own.

All of a sudden, you find your place in life. You find your true passions. You figure out who you are. 

All of a sudden, you’re surrounded by new and incredible people. 

All of a sudden, all the little things seem to matter a bit more. 

All of a sudden, you have freedom to be whoever you want. 

All of a sudden, life finally seems like it’s falling into place. Maybe the world isn’t against you anymore. 


I finally feel like a person again. 



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