So I haven’t been here since June.I sincerely apologize for my absence, though I figure no one actually cares a whole lot…oops.

I’ve just been incredibly busy with my second year at college. I finished finals and I’m finally on break.

This semester was hard. Really, really hard. I struggled with physics immensely and wasn’t even sure if I’d pass. Honestly, I still don’t know if I did since I haven’t gotten the grades back. So, who knows? I’m hoping for the best. I tried SO hard. Physics just isn’t my thing. Unfortunately it’s a necessary class for my major. Yeah, apparently you need to know about projectile motion and thermodynamics to be a speech therapist.

I like blogging, I just prioritize my life in such a way that blogging always feels like it’s taking away time from what I actually need to be doing.

Don’t get me wrong, I honestly have been non-stop studying this whole entire semester. It’s been rough. I’ve never felt so stressed before. Feeling like your entire future is in jeopardy is an awful feeling.

But hey, I survived. I made it. And no matter what happens, I’ll fight and I’ll push, and I’ll make it through.

This winter break is a pretty open time slot for me. I hope to catch up on blogging and read your guys’ blogs as well. I’ve missed so much!


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