One of the Dance Moms Stars Goes to My School

So, funny story.

If you guys know the people in Dance Moms, I’m sure you know who Brooke is!

I work at one of the dining halls at my university. More specifically, the newest one. This year is it’s second year running. They decided on Sunday lunch that they would have an omelette bar in place of the stir fry pasta.

A lot of people were happy about the addition of a breakfast option, but then again some people just like the pasta.

Well, one day I saw a girl who looked soooo much like Brooke from Dance Moms, but NO WAY it was actually her. Then she asked me where the pasta was, and she sounded soooo much like Brooke, but once again, no way it’s actually her. I told her that they have omelettes for Sunday lunch, and she said thanks and walked away.

After work, I did some research and realized that it WAS BROOKE from Dance Moms! like WHAT THE HECK!? Too bad I probably ruined her day because there was no pasta.

It was just such an unexpected experience. Turns out my friend was in her accounting class too.

Small world.