Merry (late) Christmas!

I had so much to do yesterday I didn’t get the chance to make a Christmas post!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! I got to spend time with my family, which is always nice. I got some sweaters, a pair of boyfriend jeans, some joggers, a rain jacket, 3 pairs of shoes, and some musician’s earplugs. Let me explain the earplugs…

So I work at a concert pavilion and I go to concerts often enough that my parents are slightly worried about my hearing. Also, I want to be a speech-language pathologist and when I take my audiology courses they drill into your brain to protect your ears because once your hearing is damaged, it’s never going to be fixed.

I tested them out with my dad so he turned up the music in the car SUPER loud. I could barely stand it without covering my ears. Then I put the plugs in, and it was still loud, but so much more bearable. The cool thing about them is that sound isn’t muffled, just quieter.

Well, Christmas isn’t over for me yet folks! I still have a whole other side of the family to celebrate with!

Again, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a great Sunday 🙂




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