RIP Carrie Fisher

I am extremely saddened to hear that Carrie Fisher has passed away. I am a huge fan of her role as Leia in Star Wars, but she’s done so much more then play that role. She was a very successful actor and a brilliant writer. She was even a script doctor for The Wedding Singer with is a GREAT movie if you haven’t seen it!

I always admired how honest she was about her life and her struggles with mental illness and drug addiction. She had bipolar disorder and addiction to cocaine and other prescription medications which has got to be hard on anyone. She was such a strong woman and I will surely miss her presence in the upcoming Star Wars films!


2 thoughts on “RIP Carrie Fisher

  1. I am sooooo sad about Carrie Fisher dying she was like an icon in the Star Wars movies, can u please check out my blog and your probably thinking ‘oh she just said that so she can get people to look at her blog’ but for real I really think you should check it out and comment some tips and tricks seems as your and awesome blogger!

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