Introducing my new Series! “Let’s Talk”

So, as some of you may know (or not since I haven’t posted one since LAST YEAR.)

**This absolutely was not a New Year’s joke. The last one I posted was January 7th, 2016…so yeah…

Anyway, I have a series on here called Girl Talk!

I realize that I have male followers as well, and that number keeps growing. Though my posts in Girl Talk may have the world “Girl” in them, they are not gendered. Absolutely anyone is allowed to read those posts and comment, no matter if you consider yourself a girl or not. If you see the title and it sparks some interest, I’d be honored to have you read my posts. Even if you don’t identify as a girl, it may give you some insight on the life of a girl!

For more information on my series Girl Talk and a list of links to find all the topics I’ve covered CLICK HERE.

I haven’t read those posts in ages so I almost feel like I’ve (maybe?) changed my opinion on the subjects! I hope I haven’t though…oops.

And now for the big announcement…LET’S TALK.

That will be the title of my new series! I just wanted something more gender inclusive where I can talk about things that affect all humans of all walks of life.

I will still be continuing Girl Talk though because I do like having a safe space for girls to talk and be surrounded with positive people who understand what it’s like!

If you guys have any questions or suggestions for either of these series, I’d love to hear! Feel free to comment down below or contact me through social media!


Snapchat: hannerz96

Instagram: hannahbuell

Twitter: hann_buell

Thank you!


P.S. I’ve reached 200 followers! I can’t believe it!!! πŸ˜€




14 thoughts on “Introducing my new Series! “Let’s Talk”

  1. The Girl Talk series sounds awesome and I’ll definitely check it out! Also, this new series sounds great and funnily enough, I had a Let’s Talk Series on my blog as well! Great minds think alike, amirite?πŸ˜‚

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  2. Yas I’d love to read posts about Let’s Talk or Girl Talk! They sound really exciting! Topics such as relationships, growing up, complicated families are all suggestions, but whatever you write about I’m sure will be interesting! And yay congrats on 200 followers!!x

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