My Spring Semester Classes!

So I’ve officially decided that I’m going to try and post Tuesdays and Fridays! I figure that if I start making myself a set schedule that I’ll hopefully be able to stick to it better during the semester. Once school starts I always seem to lose my blogging game. I’ve already got a few post ideas that I’m working on so hopefully I’ll be okay for at least a while!

I head back to college on Sunday which I’m incredibly excited for! I also am a bit nervous, but I’m pretty much a constant nervous wreck so that is not a surprise. I pretty much have a fear of not knowing the future and GUESS WHAT?? I NEVER KNOW THE FUTURE. NO ONE DOES. It can sometimes be a struggle, but deep down I know that everything is going to work out fine. Once I find my classes and get comfortable with the setting and the class itself I tend to feel a lot more relaxed. I like routine and since all my classes and my work schedule is changing, I have a lot of new stuff on my plate which can get overwhelming.

This semester I am enrolled for 5 classes giving me a total of 15 credit hours making me a full-time student! I also am scheduled for about 15 hours of work a week.

So as far as classes go, I’m super excited for this semester! As some of you may know, I am studying Communication Sciences and Disorders on track to become a Speech-Language Pathologist (and since that’s a mouthful, in short, speech therapy). I am finally starting to get a lot more into my field. I am taking:

  • Sign Language
  • Speech Science
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing
  • Introduction to Special Education
  • And also I’m taking an online class that I may forget the name of? (Oops…) But I do know that it’s a class about how different health professionals (that I may work with in the future) help individuals with communication disorders.

The one I’m most worried about is the Introduction to Special Education, and not because it will be difficult or anything, but it’s a 3 hour class. THREE HOURS. I’m hoping I can bring dinner because it’s right smack dab during dining hall hours. Like, seriously? Do they want me to starve?

Anyway, I’m hopeful for a good semester, I’ll be extremely busy with class and work and volunteering and the 3 student organizations I’m actively involved in…BUT I bring this on myself so I can’t complain too much.

Good luck to everyone heading back to school!



11 thoughts on “My Spring Semester Classes!

  1. Your classes sound so interesting! Focusing on special needs and speech therapy is definitely something I’d love to hear more about, and interests me. I’m sure you’ll settle back into college well, and I hope it goes okay. And I’m the same…I get so hyped about blogging in the holidays then neglect it when school begins again! Life just gets so busy during term time!x

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  2. 5 classes?!? That’s alot! I did 4 classes one time during summer (so 12 credits) while working full time and man… let me tell you… It was a struggle! I had like no social life but the good thing is that I made out full straight A’s. I then took a full schedule for fall semester too! This spring semester I decided to take a small break from college so that I can regroup and relax a little after working myself so hard! Good luck on your classes♥ I would love to know how they go!

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  3. Yeah I am really proud of myself, but I could tell I was getting exhausted after i was half way through fall semester so I told myself I would take a small break since I worked myself too hard haha 🙂

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