First Quiz of the Semester

So I had an anatomy quiz today. It went alright actually. I’m just angry I missed a few questions. I misunderstood the directions, which I’d typically be angry at myself for, but honestly, the directions were too vague and I just happened to pick the wrong way to answer. 

My teacher had us turn in the quizzes and then we went over the answers as a class, which sounds kinda nice so then you don’t have to wait for them to be handed back, but since I missed a few, I’m pretty upset. 

I’m trying to think positively though, there will be other chances for me raise my grade. This is the first grade of the semester and I only missed very few! I probably still got an A.

I guess I’m just worried that this was an easy quiz and a chance for me to set a really good foundation for the rest of the semester. 

I’m really aiming for good grades since my major is highly competitive in grad school.

I think this weekend I’ll text a girl I know who thook the class last semester and see how she thinks the quizzes affect your overall grade. Last semester she talked about people failing quizzes so I just KNOW they’ll get harder! I’m going to stay on top of my game. I downloaded Quizlet to make notecards and everything which has been helpful. 

I’m always hard on myself with grades. Not that I get bad grades, I don’t think my grades are bad. They just aren’t the best! I just set high standards because if I had none, I’d slack off, and I can’t afford that! 

I feel a bit better after ranting though. I know I’ll be fine. I’ve just had a long week getting back into the grind of school. 

Hopefully you guys are doing alright! 

I have a more fun post scheduled for tonight. I just wrote this as a bonus post since I’m waiting for work to start.


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