My One Direction Concert Experience- 6.18.13

So, I always give you guys the run down of my concert experiences, but I’ve had a few before I even started blogging! I love looking back on those posts, and before I become completely memory-less, I’d like to share my early concert experiences!

So going back to June 18th, 2013. 

Actually, much before that. I started listening to One Direction in 2011. I saw a bunch of my British friends raving about them on Tumblr and they eventually got me to give them a chance. I very quickly became completely obsessed.

So of course when they were coming to my state during their Take Me Home Tour I HAD to go. Me and my friends looked up tickets and of course since we were all 16 years old and jobless, we figured the best way to convince our parents to let us go was to find the cheapest tickets. The nosebleeds were the cheapest, but honestly all we cared about was being there. The venue could’ve been 5 miles wide and we wouldn’t have cared if we were 5 miles away.

On the morning the tickets went on sale, we all Skyped and my friend bought the tickets. When I told my mom, she was pretty upset. We bought those tickets over a year in advance, but that’s when they were on sale! My mom said if something came up then I’d have to pay for it myself and not go. Don’t worry, she made me pay for myself anyway.

After the longest wait of my entire life, June 18th, 2013 finally came!

My friends and I made shirts and shorts just for the concert. We were such geeks I can’t… Here’s us with a One Direction cut out. I’m in the middle!! Honestly I still look the same 4 years later…004

Also, we were all so mad that the girl who took our picture cut Zayn out. No, that was not intentional! (Sorry Zayn!)

So, the opening act was 5 Seconds of Summer. I soon became a huge fan of them and saw them on their first headlined American tour! Don’t worry, I’ll be posting about that craziness soon. Now THAT my friends, was a crazy experience.955

All of my pictures are going to be zoomed out like this, so I’m sorry about that. Remember, I was in the nosebleeds! Also, I’m the owner of an old camera.

Soon enough, One Direction came out and the crowd went insane. I swear I have never been exposed to such loud noise before ever in my life. They were such a blast though. They were just as I expected they’d be. Entertaining, funny, and they involved the crowd. They were complete weirdos which was fantastic. Here’s a few pictures!


The last one is so funny to me because I caught Niall mid-jump.

I do remember when they sang the song “She’s Not Afraid” during Niall’s line, “Either way she’s teasing me and it’s just so hard,” Louis pointed to Niall’s dick and my friend went ballistic beside me and she kept screaming “DID YOU SEE THAT!?” and I slapped her because there were actual 10 year olds around us.

I also remembering crying during Niall’s solo in little things because he started tearing up. He’s my favorite, what can I say? I was literally so overwhelmed you guys. Also it was Harry’s prime (in my opinion) and he was so beautiful. And they were all just so cute and sang so good.

Also one of my favorite moments was when Louis told Niall to describe the show in 2 words and he said “Sexy Ohio,” which as an Ohioan, is pretty darn amazing.



The candy thong. By far the best part of the night. (Not my picture!)

Here’s the setlist they had!

  1. Up All Night
  2. I Would
  3. Heart Attack
  4. More Than This
  5. Loved You First
  6. One Thing
  7. C’mon, C’mon
  8. Change My Mind
  9. One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)
  10. Last First Kiss
  11. Moments
  12. Back for You
  13. Summer Love
  14. Over Again
  15. Little Things
  16. Teenage Dirtbag
  17. Rock Me
  18. She’s Not Afraid
  19. Kiss You
  20. Live While We’re Young
  21. What Makes You Beautiful

Overall, I had such a good time. I never wanted it to end! We ended up chasing a tour bus because we thought that’s what the cool kids did. It turned out to be 5SOS and not 1D, but we waved to 5SOS which was still cool in our books.


So there’s the summary of my first concert ever!

What was your first concert? I’d love to hear about it!


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  1. Wowwzz that sounds amazing!!! My first concert was the X Factor tour when I was younger, before I became more into music and bands and stuff – and I just remember it being a really cute day with my Mum and my best friend aw 🙂 xx

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