X Ambassadors!!!

So I’m super pumped because I got tickets for me and 3 of my friends for the X Ambassadors! If you are unfamiliar with the band, they sing Renegades and Unsteady (you may have heard those).

They are coming to my university which is awesome because tickets are always so much cheaper. The tickets were each $25. The venue is fairly small and since I’m on top of my game, I went to the ticket office as soon as possible after the tickets went on sale so I got close seats!!! The first few rows are more expensive which sucks, but it’s whatever. I’m a broke college student so I don’t feel like paying more for practically the same experience.

Sadly I have an evening class on the same day as the concert so I still have to figure out what I’m doing about that. I’m hoping that my teacher will let us out at 8 instead of 8:20 and I’ll run to the auditorium because the concert starts at 8. I still have 2 months so I’ll figure all that out when it’s closer!

Have you ever had a band/artist perform at your school?


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