Girl Talk: Body Odor and Perspiration- Tips and Hacks, My Holy Grail!

Ever since I was about 13 years old I remember being super self conscious about how much I sweated. I remember feeling so alone and disgusting because I didn’t know of anyone who had the same problem. (Not that young teens discuss sweat and BO on a regular basis, or anyone for that matter!)

Throughout the years I’ve tried TONS of different things to help me out. I decided to share some in this post.

But first, a bit of background on how bad my sweating problem actually was:

I ruined lots of shirts because I would sweat so much, I couldn’t wear white, and tight shirts were not an option. I would sweat more if I was hot or nervous, but I would sweat even when I was freezing cold and pretty much… constantly. I would even sweat through sweatshirts/hoodies sometimes. The fact that I knew I was sweating made it so much worse. I was super self-conscious throughout middle school, but I always told myself that it was something that probably had to do with puberty. In high school, it didn’t change, and even starting college it was still a huge issue for me.

I was tired of buying clothes while keeping in mind how much I sweated. I wanted to be able to raise my arms without being deathly afraid. I wanted to be able to not worry about my positioning in pictures. I finally decided to take some action instead of just hoping. Why didn’t I take action sooner? Why did I decide to live with this embarrassment for 7 years? Mostly because I was too embarrassed to talk to anyone about it, and I didn’t know what to do. I tried a few things that helped temporarily, but I needed a solution!

I actually didn’t have as much of a BO problem as I did a sweating problem. If you were super close to my under arms, then yes, they smelled, but other than that, I was very fortunate to be overall good smelling. I think that’s another part of the reason I didn’t try hard to find a solution, I wasn’t distracting or bothering anyone around me.

Onto the Tips! Everything listed are things I have tried and have found successful!

  1. General Hygiene– I know this sounds a bit silly, but make sure you are consciously washing your underarms (or other problem areas) thoroughly with soap. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you do not shave your underarm hair, the hair may help trap bacteria (which causes the smell!). Shaving can help get rid of the bacteria and exfoliate the skin. If you do not want to shave, don’t worry, I have more tips for you!
  2. Don’t put products on right after you shower/bathe– Right after you shower or bathe, your skin is still damp and the product won’t stick. Let yourself dry before application!
  3. Panty liners– If you are sweating through your clothes and happen to have a panty liner with you, you can peel off the adhesive and stick it to the inside of your clothes so that they absorb the sweat. This hack was only useful for me if I was wearing a thicker, longer sleeved top, so you might have to experiment which clothes will hide the liner and which will not.
  4. Sweaty clothes– Even after you are done sweating, sometimes your clothes will absorb the sweat and bacteria and leave a stain that might not smell too great. If this happens often, just washing the clothes might not be enough to get the smell out. Something that always works for me is soaking the affected clothes in white wine vinegar and water and letting them sit for a few hours, and then washing them in the washing machine as you normally would!
  5.  Find the right product for you– There are so many different antiperspirant and deodorants out there. Sometimes it’s a matter of trying different products and figuring out which ones work best for you. Antiperspirants are products that reduce sweating, and deodorants cover up the body odor. There are also products that have both properties.

Reviews on Products I’ve used! (It’s not many!)-

I always used to use just a Secret stick antiperspirant/deodorant, but it hardly helped the sweating. I tried Secret Clinical Strength, which helped, but I was still sweating maybe 70% of what I was sweating before.

Just a few months ago, I found a product called Certain Dri. It’s a roll-on scentless antiperspirant. You apply it every 72 hours, and it stops sweating pretty much completely in my experience.

If you start using this product, you may have to apply it a few nights in a row before application every 72 hours is effective. Also, this product is to be applied AT NIGHT. The formula works itself into your skin at night. Do not apply after shaving!!! IT WILL BURN AND ITCH. Sometimes, I decide that it won’t be that bad and I regret it every time. Basically, if you get this product, do your research and read the directions. Follow the directions, too.

I’ve definitely noticed a huge difference with this product. The first night I applied it, I woke up in the morning not expecting anything new. My underarms were incredibly dry, but Secret Clinical Strength did the same in the morning and throughout the day it would wear off and I’d be back to sweating buckets. I went about my day and when I went to the bathroom, I checked my underarms, and there was not a single drop of sweat. I burst into tears I was so incredibly shocked and happy. That sounds so lame, but I had not experienced a dry armpit since I was 12. I continued using the product and I find myself having to use it less and less. I no longer have to worry about my clothing choices, and I just feel so much more free. I never even realized how much sweating was holding me back until it was gone!

I know a lot of you probably don’t have a super serious sweating problem as I did/do, but I know that everyone does sweat and gets embarrassed sometimes. Though it can be embarrassing, it’s important to know that it’s a normal bodily function. If you do have a sweating problem though, you are not alone!

Hopefully some of my tips are helpful or maybe you guys already use some of these!

Feel free to tell me your experiences, thoughts, comments, questions, and suggestions for another Girl Talk post in the comments or via email!

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Thanks for reading!

-Hannah 🙂