Close of Spring Break

My spring break is coming to a close. It was great to be able to relax and not have to worry about school too much. I got to see my boyfriend a lot more than I originally thought which was nice considering I hadn’t seen him in 8 weeks!

I went to my cousin’s Irish dance recital which made me miss Irish dancing so, so much.

I had a gynecologist appointment to follow up on the birth control pill I was prescribed which failed me on month 3. No, I didn’t get pregnant, BUT I had a period for 2 weeks straight which was not exactly pleasant (though…definitely not as bad as a unexpected child). I was told it was most likely from stress (it happened during midterm week). My doctor tweaked my prescription so hopefully in times of stress, I will not have to deal with an unplanned period.

I had my boyfriend start watching Shameless with me because after watching season 1 I thought he’d really like it! He’s enjoyed it so far 🙂 We went to Zombie Dogz yesterday because he likes it a bunch, but I’d never been. It was a local food truck that had so much success that they made it a local restaurant. I’m vegetarian, so hot dogs aren’t something in my diet, but they had veggie dogs which was such a great thing!! You don’t know how many places I go that I am limited to small, overpriced, sides and appetizers. I got a veggie dog with mac and cheese, Parmesan, garlic and cracker crumbles on it. Delicious!

I was able to hang out with my grandma and one of my many cousins who is also on spring break from college. We ate Noodles & Company, had ice cream from Coldstone, and since grandmas are amazing, she bought us each 2 shirts from Kohls!

My family is switching phone providers so instead of 3GB of data between 4 phones, we will each get 3GB. I don’t use that much data in the first place, but maybe I’ll take advantage of the increase in data.

That’s about how my spring break has been, nothing extremely interesting, but definitely a nice break from school!

I just need to make sure I’m prepared to go back!