Summer, but it’s spring.

So my summer break officially started April 26th. Which is pretty crazy if you think about it. That’s not even summer. I’m currently sitting in my room wearing a hoodie and sweatpants after watching YouTube videos pretty much since 10am. It’s legitimately cold outside!!! Maybe I shouldn’t blame my college for having the end of our semester so early, but I should blame Ohio weather.

So yeah, I haven’t posted since the beginning of March. I always end up apologizing way too many times when I go on these unplanned breaks and you guys always end up saying the same thing. “Hannah, it’s your blog, and we know you have a life.” So, I’ll assume you guys still feel the same.

I’m really happy that this semester of school turned out so freaking amazing. I worked my ass off and ended up getting all As, and getting 100% on 3/5 of my finals. This is a HUGE accomplishment for me. I could not be more proud. I know all the hard work I did paid off.

What am I doing this summer? That’s a great question. I have my job from last summer at the concert pavilion, but I want more hours on top of that. I applied to be a nursery assistant, but they weren’t able to hire me because of the other job I have. That was a bit upsetting, but I did get a call today from a carwash company. I did a phone interview (which tbh I had NO clue it was a phone interview until he was done and said “I have a few more phone interviews to do and then I’ll get back to you in a few days” and I immediately had a mini heart attack because wow I was super unprepared and I was only wearing the oversized tshirt I sleep in, like heck, I didn’t even have underwear on so yeah that was great). My cousin works at this place, and she loves it, so I hope that everything works out.

I will probably be shadowing some speech-language pathologists in a neuro rehab center, since that’s what I’m studying to be! Hopefully, I can squeeze in some nursing home volunteer hours as well.

Unfortunately, I’ll also be studying for the GRE (the standardized test required for graduate school). So I’m really not looking forward to that, but I know it’s something I need to do.

So my summer will probably fly by. I guess that’s my fault for constantly needing to be busy and involved. Though it’s not a bad trait to have, it can get exhausting.

I hope you guys finish(ed) your semester strong! Hopefully I’ll be able to post/ read some posts more regularly.



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