The Struggles of a Job Search

I’m trying to find an additional summer job on top of the one I already have, and that’s proven to be a lot harder than I originally anticipated.

I tried applying for some jobs that have to do with children because it relates to what I want to do as a career, but most of them were asking for 1-2 years of experience, and I have none. I applied anyway hoping that maybe they were desperate, but I had no luck. I applied at a couple local places, like a burrito place and a carwash, but once again, no luck. I’m 100% sure the issue was that I have another job and was only planning on staying for the summer before I head back to school. Every time I brought it up I was asked a ton of questions about it.

I applied to a health and wellness store and a grocery store this week, so hopefully I’m contacted soon.

It can be really discouraging to apply for a bunch of jobs when no one seems to be hiring, or wanting to hire you. It’s important to understand and realize that it doesn’t mean you aren’t qualified or that you wouldn’t be good at the job. Employers, even if they are a place that seems like they would hire “anyone,” don’t just hire “anyone.” Every single place has standards no matter what the stereotype is.

I know that no matter what happens at least I have my other job, and that’s more than some people. I’m very thankful I at least have something. I’m just frustrated that it seems to be getting in the way of finding an additional job! Argh!

If any of you are or have been in the same situation, you aren’t alone. It sucks to be in the part of your life where you aren’t experienced enough to get the jobs you want. How are we supposed to get experience when all the jobs we want require it!?



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