The 1975 Concert Experience – 6.3.2017

So I’m posting this way later than I wanted to, but I’ve had a rough/busy few weeks. You can read more about the rough part in my last post. Busy- meaning, I work 2 jobs and am currently being trained 8 hours a day for one of them…

So I went to go see The 1975 with my younger cousin and her friend. I don’t want to get into a whole rant here, but I’m going to rant. I’ll bold different sections of this post, so if you’re like, “All I want to hear about is Matty.” Go ahead and keep scrolling.

RANT: Numbering system

There were people camped out for the show on May 31st. That’s basically 4 days before the show started. Someone who was there (assuming she was first in line), decided to number everyone’s hands in the order that they got in line. Which in theory, seems fair. When you think about it deeper, you realize the people who could camp out for that long are mentally/physically able to, live near the venue, have permission, and don’t have other commitments (school, work, volunteering, etc.). In my understanding, there was a system in place where each person in line needed to be at the venue at certain check-in times each day in order to keep their spot. The individuals were given hour breaks to go home to shower/charge phones/eat. Like I said before, this was all people in line making these rules, nothing official. Now I’m not saying that this is a terrible idea, I think the individuals meant to be fair, but there are definitely some factors that  can’t be ignored, which I already listed above. If I was someone in the line, maybe I’d feel differently. I’ll never know the answer to that question because I’m not really the type to camp on the street for 4 days. Even for my favorite band…it’s just not appealing to me haha.


We got to the venue around 11:30am, doors were scheduled to open at 6:30pm. We found a shady spot in the grass under a tree and ate our lunch, stayed hydrated (especially since it was an outdoor show in 86 degree weather), and relaxed for a bit (I mean, what else was there to do?). We decided to go in through the back entrance because the line was way shorter. We figured even if we had to walk to the pit instead of being led straight in, we’d still have a chance for a decent spot since we were close to the doors for the back entrance.

Here’s the juicy part. And the only reason I even included something about waiting in line.

So people were lining up at the building across from the venue. I assume they were planning to just kinda merge with the original line for the show. Well, they ended up getting in trouble with the police, so they had to move. This was around 4:50pm. A huge mob of them started walking to the back of the line, but some of them were curious about where our line was leading to. I think as they were looking, some people assumed they were cutting, and all of a sudden, everyone starts running to the doors in one huge clump. We were definitely no longer a line. My cousin just kinda ran for it so we ended up in a really good spot. Since we still had over an hour before doors were supposed to open, people still had their lawn chairs, their blankets, their coolers, etc. We didn’t have anything to hold us back.

So here’s where I’m getting bad karma for the rest of my life, but it’s a good life lesson for everyone going to a general admission concert. The people behind us asked is we’d watch their stuff as they went to the restroom. We weren’t going anywhere, so we agreed. They had been gone for maybe 30 minutes (which doesn’t sound like “just going to the bathroom,” but who knows?), but anyway, of course the whole line madness started while they were still gone. Me, my cousin, and her friend, all made the split second decision to just leave their stuff because 1. We weren’t friends, they didn’t really keep any conversations with us going. 2. It was their fault for leaving their purses there. 3. We really wanted to be in the pit. So yeah. I hid the purses under the blanket we had. I figured they should’ve been back soon. Concert pro-tip: Don’t leave your purses with strangers. Concert pro-tip #2: If you’re going to leave your stuff/spot in line without anyone from your group to watch it, try to get the phone number of someone in line so in case something unexpected happens, you can try to contact them and hopefully get your spot back!

I still feel bad about this moment today. I really hope they had a great time at the show! If you guys are reading this, I’m so so sorry.



We somehow managed to get tickets for the pit!!!!

We were close enough in line to get wristbands for the pit! After getting our tickets scanned, and our bodies/purses checked, we were in! We were probably about the 10th-12th row in the pit.

The openers were Colouring and Pale Waves. I enjoyed them both a lot! Colouring’s bass was way to much for my poor ears so I had to use my ear plugs. I know that seems really lame, but I’m scared of losing my hearing ok? But when I say their bass was too much, like it was legitimately hurting the inside of my ear. So I’m not a complete wimp.

Before The 1975 came on, they had a white noise play over the speakers that sounded like a hum. Gradually, the hum would get louder and louder. It was honestly such a nerve wracking experience. THAT NOISE KILLS YOU. Eventually, the noise lowered in pitch and faded. The beginning of The 1975 (the song, not the band) started to play. There was a ding, and one of the rectangles lit up (if you don’t know what I mean, wait and look at the pictures). Noise stopped again, and then the words to the song started to play. About halfway through, the band made their appearance on stage.

I honestly almost had a heart attack when I saw Matty, but everything is fine I promise.

Matty talked about how the venue was their first big show in America and how much it meant for them to be back. How cute.

So before I get to the pictures, me and my cousin were joking around saying if they didn’t play Menswear we were going to stage a walk-out because that’s our favorite song. Let me just tell you, I have TERRIBLE luck when it comes to artists playing my favorite song. They never do it I swear.

THEY PLAYED MENSWEAR. We looked at each other (please note that her friend was in the middle of us) and started screaming for like 15 seconds straight. Honestly what a dream come true holy cow. I was telling my dad about it the next day and he was like “Well of course they played it, they heard about the walk out.”

I decided on a nice mosaic of pictures instead of forcing you guys to scroll through a million of my crappy photos. My pictures don’t do my closeness justice. I kid you not, I could see every curl on Matty’s head and we made eye contact a few times. I’m fine, really, I swear.


  1. The 1975
  2.  Love me
  3. UGH!
  4. Heart Out
  5. A Change of Heart
  6. Menswear
  7. Loving Someone
  8. She’s American
  9. Please Be Naked
  10. Lostmyhead
  11. Somebody Else
  12. fallingforyou
  13. Paris
  14. Girls
  15. Sex


  • 16. Medicine
  • 17. If I Believe You
  • 18. Chocolate
  • 19. The Sound

I’m really jealous of my past self, wow.

Take me back please.