Meeting New People

I finally heard from my apartment complex for next year who my roommates are going to be! One of them is a friend I met my freshman year of college. We requested to room together so that was really relieving to know we got placed together.

I contacted the other girls recently, but haven’t heard back yet. I’m hoping that everything goes well and works out!

I always get nervous meeting new people. Especially if it’s a roommate situation. Mostly because then there’s no avoiding them if things get dramatic or don’t work out. I’ve never had any issues in the past, I’m not someone who attracts drama, and I’m not someone who starts it. I still get worried anyway though.

I know things will most likely work out just fine considering I haven’t had problems with past roommates and my apartment is a 4 bedroom and 4 bathroom so everyone has their own space. I’m also on an individual lease so I’m only responsible for paying my rent, not anyone else’s.

How to you guys deal with meeting new people?


(Sorry for not posting for a while, work is taking over my life!!!!)