Standardized Testing

Tests suck. Standardized tests REALLY suck.

I’ve always been pretty good at school. It’s something that I prioritize in my life and I work really hard to do well. Tests, on the other hand, have always been where I struggle most. Mostly, because of nerves. Now that I’m about to enter my senior year of college, my course load is more my speed. All the classes I’m taking are classes that have to do with my future as a speech-language pathologist.

Yesterday, I took the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) for the second time. I did better than the first time, which I’m glad about, but I still feel like I can do better. So I’m planning on taking it one more time.

It sucks that that good scores on that test are needed to get into graduate school. Standardized tests are all meant to trick you and throw you off. Even if the concepts are simple, sometimes the questions are just so oddly worded that it makes it difficult.

I do believe that my grades, work, volunteering, and other activities are likely to land me a spot in some program. I just would rather have higher GRE scores so that I have more options and a chance to get into a good one.