Last first day of undergrad!

It’s pretty crazy to think I only have one more semester to go until I graduate from college. I’ll officially have my Bachelor’s degree and be able to move on to graduate school for my Master’s!

Today is pretty bittersweet. It’s exciting to be this far into my career development, but it’s also pretty scary at times! I won’t find out where I got into grad school until next month at the earliest, so I’m pretty much just playing a waiting game now.

This semester shouldn’t be too bad though. I’m taking 5 classes, but one of them only lasts for 3 weeks. It’s a CPR/First Aid course that I conveniently scheduled to be in the first 3 weeks so that I could get it over with!

Overall, I’m looking forward to this semester. It should be a good one! I’m going to try and enjoy every minute.


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