Life Update!

Yeah, remember when I said I would post more regularly? Well, life completely hit me in the face!

I had 3 graduate school interviews on top of studying for midterms, which proved to be a really difficult time. Everything, fortunately, went well and now I’m through it!

So far, I have been accepted into 5 of the 8 programs I applied to. I have not heard from the other 3 yet, so I am still waiting for a letter from them. I feel so proud that I have options on where I can pursue my education and clinical training.

With options comes decisions, so I’m definitely pretty overwhelmed with trying to decide where I should go. I still have until the middle of April to make an official choice, so I’m hoping that I can figure it out by then!

Since my part in the process is basically over, I’m hoping that I do have some more time to create posts! I need some time to relax and not think about school!


2 thoughts on “Life Update!

  1. Thats amazing! Congratulations!! What program did you apply for? I’m going through the same process of applying to schools so I relate a lot. The waiting can be so difficult! All the best 🙂

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  2. Thank you so much! I’m applying for speech-language pathology! The waiting is the hardest part for me. At least when you’re doing your applications you know that you can control it, however, while you’re waiting the decision is out of your hands. I hope you get into the schools you’re applying for! Best of luck 🙂


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