Girl Talk

This is the section of my blog where I will discuss things relevant to girls! They also could be relevant to males, I’m not trying to discriminate. I feel comfortable talking about girl things because I am a girl and can give an honest opinion from a girl’s point of view! This is not trying to say boys have none of these issues or concerns as well!

Here is a quick summary of Girl Talk:

I want my blog to be as open and honest as possible because I’m an open and honest person. I’m all about informing people and sharing my knowledge on many topics! I want my blog to be a safe place for girls to come to for advice or reassurance. I love self-confidence and helping people become more self confident. I love positivity and smiles and happiness and all that fun stuff. I’ll do advice, touchy subjects, questions, how-to’s, anything you guys want! If I do not have appropriate knowledge on a subject, or feel that I am not fit to answer a question, I love to research and I will gladly do that for you, or find someone else to help, or tell you that I am not the person for you to ask.

If you ever have an idea or suggestion, I will gladly consider making a post! Click here for my contact information.

Below is the complete collection of the Girl Talks I have made so far. They are in order from oldest to newest. I will update it when necessary!


Body Image

Lifestyle Changes

Putting Yourself First

Eating “Too Much” or “Too Little”

Baby Fever

Body Odor

Birth Control Options


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