Standardized Testing

Tests suck. Standardized tests REALLY suck. I’ve always been pretty good at school. It’s something that I prioritize in my life and I work really hard to do well. Tests, on the other hand, have always been where I struggle most. Mostly, because of nerves. Now that I’m about to enter my senior year of … More Standardized Testing

Rough Week

So I told myself I’d post once a week (Fridays) until my midterms were over, but as you guys may have realized, I did not post on Friday. I had an extremely busy and rough week and honestly I had nothing to post about that wasn’t utterly depressing. Sometimes you have a bad day, and … More Rough Week

Dreaded Midterms

Well, midterms are coming up next week which means I’m hella stressed. Unfortunately, this will be my last Tuesday post for a bit until my schedule is back to normal and not studying for what seems like 24/7! I’ll still be able to post on Fridays, so don’t worry! I’ve been behind on reading blogs, … More Dreaded Midterms


So I haven’t been here since June.I sincerely apologize for my absence, though I figure no one actually cares a whole lot…oops. I’ve just been incredibly busy with my second year at college. I finished finals and I’m finally on break. This semester was hard. Really, really hard. I struggled with physics immensely and wasn’t … More Breathe.

The Reason why me and my best friend are not roommates

Well it’s finals week. Technically, it’s almost over. I was so busy studying that the time just completely slipped by me! I was going to make a post Monday or Tuesday, but it’s already Friday! I probably wouldn’t have even written this post, but I made a mistake… So my final for my CSD class … More The Reason why me and my best friend are not roommates