I have an idea and I need thoughts! 

Okay, so I have this idea for my blog. I’m thinking about starting a section called “Girl Talk.” I want my blog to be as open and honest as possible because I’m an open and honest person. I’m all about informing people and sharing my knowledge on many topics! 

I want my blog to be a safe place for girls to come to for advice or reassurance. I love self-confidence and helping people become more self confident. I love positivity and smiles and happiness and all that fun stuff. 

I’ll title them “Girl Talk: (insert topic here)” So that people who are not interested in this section don’t have to read. 

I believe a few males follow my blog, so that’s another reason xD 

But hey you guys can learn about the millions of problems girls have!! 

I’ll do advice, touchy subjects, questions, how-to’s, anything you guys want! 

If I do not have appropriate knowledge on a subject, or feel that I am not fit to answer a question, I love to research and I will gladly do that for you, or find someone else to help, or tell you that I am not the person for you to ask. 

I promise I’m not trying to act like a Miss Know-It-All! 

I’m still pretty new to WordPress and blogging in general, so if you guys have tips or comments or suggestions or ideas or questions or anything. Please comment! 

I’m also thinking about making an email or something so people can be anonymous. 

Don’t worry, I’ll still make posts about my life, late night thoughts, and all sorts of shenanigans. 

I started this blog in late May and you guys have been so welcoming and kind. I’ve never felt so appreciated and I really want to give back. 

Once again, I’d love to know what you guys think of this idea! 



13 thoughts on “I have an idea and I need thoughts! 

  1. I think it a really good idea. It could be somewhere were us girls go and discuss our problems yeah I like that idea a lot! Some people don’t have that go to friend and this could be their go to friend.

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  2. OOH! This is an amazing idea! PLEASE go for it; I will seriously enjoy reading all of them! Also, I think you should create an email 🙂 It also lets you communicate with other bloggers.

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  3. Thanks! I think I definitely will. And I agree about making an email. It’s definitely a simple way to stay in contact with people and give people a way to contact me! Thanks so much for your input, I appreciate it 🙂

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